RAVE* dance event exceeds previous years

A traditional dance competition with a different spin was what brought over 400 dancers to Port Pirie’s Northern Festival Centre on August 3 and 4. 

RAVE* dance event was held for the fifth year in a row bringing together dance students from across the region and state to dance together in a weekend of workshops and competitions. 

The weekend saw about 200 stage items and 14 hours of stage time performed, in addition to 10 different workshops hosted by renown dance teachers from across the world. 

Director of Hip Hop Bounce, one of the competing dance schools, Natasha English-McCulloch says the 2018 event exceeded all previous years.  

“The [guest teachers] really pushed everybody right out of their comfort zone, there was no sugar coating but it was all very positive. Everyone got challenged and by the fourth show the buzz in the air was incredible”, she said. 

Attending the weekend was Martine Quigley who directs, Martine Quigley Dance Education, an Adelaide based studio focused on providing quality training. 

As well as Daniel Jaber, of Transit Dance, Dance Moms, Leigh Warren and Dancers and Australian Dance Theatre and Lauren Pisanello, the director of Precizion Dance. 

The students of Hip Hop Bounce performed very well, along with the hundreds of other students and came home with a host of awards including judges choices, RAVE* awards, honourable mentions and several people and groups through to the RAVE* legends section. 

Natasha prides the competition on how it operates differently to other competitions around the state. 

“We schedule what sections there will be based on what people enter so we can cater for what people are actually learning”, she said. 

“We have a lot of choreograph your own sections allowing students to include their own work and we integrate a lot of what the workshops are. It is a different spin on a traditional competition.”

“The best bit was seeing everybody, not just my students but students from across the region coming together and bonding and then pushing each other. They were really supporting each other and pushing each other and the vibe was really great.”