Bees put their stamp on proceedings

The stadium may have undergone a radical change but it was business as usual for the unrelenting Bees team on Wednesday night.

They put their stamp on proceedings from the outset with a 41-point lead established in the first round. It was up to the Bugs team to play catch up for the rest of the night.

The Bees piled on an additional 10 points in the second which is the juncture at which their push stalemated.

The Bugs were able to thwart any further blow outs from then on. It can be said therefore that the match was won and lost in those first two crucial rounds.  

Mei Raston playing for the Bugs and Margaret Furechi of the Bees, played head to head all night regardless of what the rest of their teams were doing.

These are two competitors who have improved in leaps and bounds since the commencement of the season. They both give everything they have in pursuit of that elusive shuttle.  

The tightest round was the third where the Bugs won overall by one point. Ruth Jacka and Mei were the first pair to make a significant challenge in this round when they kept Robyn Holthouse and Margaret Furechi well and truly at bay with a six-point defeat. Fellow Bugs, Dan Doroga and Denisa Pop combined especially well together when they trounced John Pop and Paula Meyers with a perfect score and a seven-point lead.

In the fourth round, Ruth Jacka continued to out-perform her erstwhile opponent. She and Moor dished out a belting to Bees duo Robyn and Paula whose percentage of unforced errors contributed to their downfall. Ruth and Moor won this encounter by 15 points.

Newcomer Damien found himself in the thick of the competition when he and Santhosh fronted Bryll Baeleen and Gary Holthouse. While Bryll literally threw himself into the action with some high flying attempts to make the most of the shuttle; Damien’s offsider, true to form, voiced loud and long his frustration at not being able to make every shot a winner.

Damien proved to be quite a handy player standing in for the Bees’ team. His unpredictability adds a new dimension to our competition. He would be well pleased with his bottom line; only conceding two points for the whole evening.  

Heading into the fifth round, the advantage that the Bees had gained in the first two rounds stood them in good stead to finish off the match without too much effort. To break even the Bugs needed to prevent the Bees from scoring any more than 26 points overall in the final round. This was an impossible task but the Bugs applied the old adage ‘determination defies defeat’ and continued to fight on in spite of being up against it.

Moor and Denisa Pop were a case in point when they played Paula Meyers and Margaret Furechi at the closing stages of the match. They did not give an inch and matched their opponents score exactly 41:41.

The Bugs actually won the final round albeit by just five points.  

BEES 755 defeated BUGS 707