Pirie dancers heading to Disneyland

AMERICA: Meteha Di Geronimo, Ella Smart, Aislynn Everett, Ayeisha Everett, Lucinda Smallacombe and Dakota Mudge. (Absent: Ciara Hadert).
AMERICA: Meteha Di Geronimo, Ella Smart, Aislynn Everett, Ayeisha Everett, Lucinda Smallacombe and Dakota Mudge. (Absent: Ciara Hadert).

A group of dancers from Hip Hop Bounce will be heading to America in January next year to perform at Disneyland and Universal Studios in Florida. 

Under the Australian Youth Performing Arts Team, seven dancers, alongside several dancers from Dance Explosions in Port Augusta will join Adelaide dance schools on a ten day venture to the states performing and participating in highly regarded workshops. 

Director of Hip Hop Bounce Natasha English-McCulloch was unsure that she was going to be able to make the trip happen, but let the passion of dance in both her and her students take over and made the trip work.

“We had them come up and explain what was involved and I said hands down that if this is something you are able to do, I will support it and be there every step of the way.” 

Since then, the girls of the Bounce Team USA 2019 who comprise of hip hop, jazz, contemporary, cheer and pom styles have been working alongside their teacher to choreograph a 10 minute long piece that will be performed at both venues. 

All girls auditioned to make the team, but it was also a choice of their own if they wanted to participate. 

Natasha explains that although they have a range of girls who specialise in a range of styles, they have been able to collaborate them together in a successful way. 

“We have been really lucky that even though we have a diverse range of ages and styles that the girls specialise in, they actually dance beautifully as a team”, Natasha said.

“They come together really well so we are not having to single anyone out for exclude people. They have bonded so well.”

“I think we are doing a medley of eight songs and I have choreographed a lot of it and the girls have definitely contributed a lot as well. Hopefully we will be learning some choreography that everyone will learn for the Disneyland parade.”

One of the dancers heading to America is Ella Smart and when she found out about the opportunity she was incredibly excited not only for what she will experience, but for the opportunities it will provide for her dance. 

“When I first found out I was like “oh my gosh, wow! I thought about the amazing opportunity it is for regional dancers like us”, she said. 

“I am most looking forward to getting to see all the other dancers and getting to bond and see each other perform as well as the workshops.”

Natasha hopes that her students can take away a wider perspective of the dance community, of what dance can be and where it can take them. 

The team have received several local community grants from the harness racing club and Nyrstar but are also conducting their own fundraising to get the girls to America.