Round in the name of Alan

MEMORIAL: Dino, Wayne and John holding the Alan Coventry memorial trophy.
MEMORIAL: Dino, Wayne and John holding the Alan Coventry memorial trophy.

Do you believe in omens? Well, maybe there was one around today.

With the Inaugural Alan Coventry Memorial being held today and his two year old colt ran at Globe Derby.

I guess I will know by the time I finish this write-up whether his run was successful or not.

But the Alan Coventry Memorial, sponsored kindly by R.A. Augheys and the Club itself, was a success for one Wayne Forrest.

Forrest took out the Nyrstar Northwestern a couple of weeks ago and is still in fine form.

Forrest, playing with Jayson Meyers, began his game on the tenth and scored himself a birdie straight away.

He completed the back nine, their first nine, with twenty points up his sleeve.

Forrest was one over par on the first hole but soon redeemed himself with two pars.

But looking through the cards when we, the Captain and Vice- Captain, saw where an Eagle on the fourth had been overlooked.

We couldn’t believe it. Forrest had said nothing and we had missed it.

Another one to empty out the Eagle’s nest, but I tend to think that there is only about six balls in it at this stage.

For those that are not aware: Eagle means scoring two under par (−2). An eagle usually occurs when a golfer hits the ball far enough to reach the green with fewer strokes than expected.

It most commonly happens on par-fives – as Wayne’s did. Forrest also scooped the nearest the pins on the second hole along with the tenth.

That is what I call a half decent day. Another player who should have been quite pleased with his round of golf was Tim Smith.

Tim isn’t a constant player, although I can say that we have seen quite a bit of him just lately.

But thirty nine points isn’t anything to be laughed at and to come in second should make him quite happy.

He must have been just warming up on the front nine, scoring seventeen points but on the back nine, maybe with the wind at his back, he walked away with twenty two points.

A Long Drive win in C Grade would have just topped off his day.

Old faithful, Tony Ridge, was of course not too far away, finishing in third place with thirty eight points.

It is not too often that he doesn’t get a look in. Playing a fairly even game with twenty points on the front nine and eighteen on the back, it may have been only the rain to spoil his day.

Not that we had a lot anyway, but it will help keep the cover on the course for when summer comes around all too quickly.

Vance Remphrey picked up the spoils on the fourteenth NTP, just knocking off his father-in-law, and then claimed the Long Drive in B Grade in his name.

He didn’t appear in the ball winner’s list but the other wins may have been enough for him.

Jose Gonsalves did appear in the same list with thirty five points on his card and picked up the long drive in A Grade.

Mark Malcolm, Roger Kirchner, Jayson Meyers and Phil Bickley all finished on thirty five points also.

Phil Johns signed his card with thirty six points to his credit, Matt Kennedy and Ralph Johnson with thirty seven and Tim Bessen with thirty eight.

Bessen also picked up the NTP on sixteen and Stuart Thorpe walked away with the number five prize. It is good to see Ken “Ducka” Bessen playing again.

He has been absent from playing for a bit and we have missed him. It won’t be long though when we will need him back mowing, with this bit of rain and then sunshine to follow.

Ducka we will need you on the mower – soon!

The rain has a way of deterring players, some anyway, and Leon Sampson was seen wandering around in the clubhouse quite early.

Asked if he had finished playing already he explained that no, it had been his playing partner, one Mr Coombe, who had been hit by a few drops of rain, packed up and gone home.

It hasn’t been a good week for the one Mr. Coombe . He and Alan Peters thought they might pop up to Wilmington to play in the Vets Day.

This was on the Tuesday. Well, the Wilmington Vets had been played – on the Monday. OK - they thought they might have a game while they were there, maybe play nine holes.

Humphh, not likely, it was the Ladies’ Championship Day. Honestly! Any other day in Wilmington .. well, you know. Better week next week, Mr Coombe.

Speaking of next week, the play next week is the Jeff Forrest Memorial. This play is sponsored by Wayne& Karen Forrest in memory of Wayne’s father.

The couple also sponsor a competition in the Ladies calendar in memory of Wayne’s mother, Jan. Just lovely to honour both parents in this manner.

Two footnotes: Those that soar like eagles today may soon turn into feather dusters, such was the play of both Kevin Stokes and Bob Riding this week. 

And secondly – Mackalan ran a mighty race and just got pipped on the post, finishing second. Al would have been pretty chuffed I reckon!

Until next week. Happy Golfing!


The Inaugural Alan Coventry Memorial Stableford

Sponsored by R.A.Augheys & PPGC

1 st Wayne Forrest 40

2 nd Tim Smith 39

3 rd Tony Ridge 38

Ball Winners:- Tim Bessen 38,

Matt Kennedy 37, Ralph Johnson 37

Phil Johns 36, Mark Malcolm 35,

Jose Gonsalves 35. Roger Kirchner 35

Jayson Meyers 35, Phil Bickley 35.

NTP Winners:- No 2 – Wayne Forrest

No 5 – Stuart Thorpe, No 10 – Wayne Forrest

No 14 - Vance Remphrey, No 16 – Tim Bessen

Long Drive A Grade:- Jose Gonsalves

B Grade – Vance Remphrey

C Grade- Tim Smith