National guinea pig day celebrations

Is your guinea pig cuter than this? Prove it!
Is your guinea pig cuter than this? Prove it!

The guinea pig, everyone either had one or had a best friend who had one. At some point in our lives, every Aussie kid has had an appreciation for guinea may still be a guinea guru and love the furry critters. 

So get into your Facebook memories or snap a picture of your little mate and send it to us to be a part of our guinea pig gallery! 

According to Animal Medicines Australia there are over half a million of the small mammals living in Australia, and each of them deserve to be celebrated. 


The Petbarn franchise are jumping on board, with a range of guinea pig products to treat the little critters with some new bedding, toys, cages and treats. 

Dr Adam Sternberg from Greencross Vets says despite being less popular household pets than dogs and cats, guinea pigs are terrific animals bursting with energy.

“When they’re feeling excited, a guinea pig is known to start ‘popcorning’- a common behaviour where they jump around in excitement,” said Dr Sternberg.