Birds take off, leaving the Bugs crawling

For the last couple of weeks the Bugs have been enjoying resurgence in form.

When they took on the Birds team in round 10 of the competition however they found that there can never be a permanent reprieve; that each match must be fought as determinedly as the last.

Following the first round, the Bugs gained a 2- point advantage to take into the second.

The second round was more or less as evenly contested as the first. When Bryll and Meng of the Bugs took on Trez and Michael of the Birds, both sides found that their opposition capitalised upon any lapse in concentration. The Bugs won this tousle by 4 points. Birds’ duo Tanya Williams and Gary H had to fight long and hard to keep up with Vy and Nate T who had answers for any forethought or tactical play that the Bugs endeavoured to deploy.

Gary and Tanya won the first game by the skin of their teeth; 21:20. The Birds pair lifted at the change of ends, making the most of the opportunities afforded by unforced errors gifted to them by the Bugs pair. Nate and Vy won the second game 21:19.

Heading into the third round, the Bugs’ position was still strong. The gap between the two teams was only 7 points.

It was in this round that Bugs lost their traction. The slippage was so great that it seemed that the Bugs would never be able to find their way back. With a 54 point deficit to make up it was time for the Bugs to get down and dirty.

Gary H. and Meng Toh did just that! Bird’s pair, Nate T and Michael Cruz were not expecting such an onslaught of grit and determination to be dished up to them midway through the match.  At the change of ends Meng and Gary had the 21 and the Birds only 10.

Gary and Meng continued on their winning way with another comprehensive win of 21:17.  Bugs duo Paul Berry and Bryll Baeleen built upon their team mates’ good work dishing out an absolute drubbing to Greg Fidge and Trez in the first game.

They changed ends with 12 point advantage. The Birds came to life in the second, turning the tables to win by 3 points; 21:18. Birthday boy Jonty and Moor assisted in the fight back by no small measure when they defeated Birds’ Ruth and Sarah with a perfect point score of 42:29.

By this stage the Bugs had made amends to the tune of 20 points. All they needed to do was to replicate this play to make a difference to the bottom line. The Bugs needed to prevent the Birds from gaining any more than 134 points in the final round to break even.

In the first game of the final round, Meng and Tanya of the Bugs held their own when they came up against Michael Cruz and Vy; they won this bout by 3 points.

Crunch time for the Bugs came when Greg Fidge and Nate T exacted revenge upon Paul Berry and Gary Holthouse. This Bugs twosome had won most of their games against this Birds’ pair up to this juncture.

The Birds let them have it both barrels, thus clinching the match for once and for all with a no holds barred win of 42 to 31. The Birds 746 defeated the Bugs 711.