Students cook, paint and create for NAIDOC week

Cultural celebrations are continuing throughout the region for National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee (NAIDOC) week with Risdon Park Primary School filling last Friday with a range of activities.

The school worked with their Aboriginal Education Team to bring the students a day of activities ranging from cooking, to story telling and painting, but wanted to keep it simple and bring cultural awareness to their students. 

“We are looking at celebrating NAIDOC week and bringing in cultural awareness through the cooking of the damper and kangaroo tails”, Ellie Baldwin, the Year 2/3 teacher said. 

“We are looking at traditional symbols and how to create pictures through that and looking at some traditional dancing.”

In particular the class painted canvasses using Aboriginal symbols, but did not use them to fill their canvas, instead the students learned the meaning behind them and then wrote their own story. 

They additionally looked at the types of art, particularly rock painting and cooking. 

The students cooked a kangaroo tail and had the chance to make and cook damper as well. 

Students in Ellie’s class loved the activities and both Justin Cruz and Tarisai Winders found the painting to be the best bit. 

“I liked doing the painting and the rock painting because it is fun”, Justin said. 

“The painting was my favourite because it is fun. The symbols will teach us to know what they mean in the Aboriginal books and what they are saying”, Tarisai said. 

Ellie finds it important to keep her students culturally aware and believes there is not enough of it. 

“It has been really good to do this and bring it on board and hopefully next year we can make it even bigger and better and keep going with it.”