Cruel bait of nails

A trainee vet nurse for YP Vets came across a bait in her backyard last Saturday which she alleges was thrown over her fence to bait her dogs. 

Tasha Yates, who has only lived in Pirie for two and a half years says the bait was a mince, similar to one you would buy in a supermarket and mixed with rusty nails. 

“It was still kind of intact so when I picked it up, I had a look at it and thought that I had never seen this in my yard before, I don’t give my dogs mince and I found the nails and had a bit of a rude shock. I called the police about it.”

Tasha and her partner have three dogs Koa, Ludo and Charlie and they were very lucky that Tasha found the bait before the dogs did. 

The horrific act has shocked Tasha and she says that she has never experienced anything like this before. 

“I was pretty shocked and didn’t think it would happen here just because I hadn’t heard anything of the fact of baiting with nails. I know that they have been baiting with rat bait and stuff like that. Definitely not nails that are rusty. Don’t get me wrong the dogs bark a lot but is no excuse.”

“I am just really angry at the fact that someone can be that cruel. I think they better watch their backs because eventually they will get caught. They can keep hiding, but they will get caught eventually.”

Tasha immediately contacted police who sent out a patrol who door knocked and spoke with neighbours, unfortunately though in these circumstances police have said these matters need to be placed with the RSPCA.

“There is not a hell of a lot you can do because there are not a lot of cameras around. It is a touch and go kind of thing that someone can get away with.”

A police spokesman said they have had no reports of this behaviour as of yet and do ask anyone that is reporting baiting to go straight to the RSPCA who are the legal authority in this instance. 

To raise awareness, Tasha posted her findings on the YP Vets Facebook Page which gained a lot of interest. 

“We had over 1000 shares and quite a few comments. It has definitely made an impact to really put the word out that this is a serious thing to rural communities.”

If you know of any animal cruelty occurring, or situations similar to Tasha’s, you are urged to report it to the RSPCA on 1300 477 722 or online at