House fire causes $100,000 in damages

A house fire on Alice Street in Port Pirie West, seen searing out the roof and front windows has caused $100,000 in damages to the property. 

Emergency services were called to the house at 10.30 am on Thursday June 14 where they found thick black smoke coming through the front windows of the house. 

There were no occupants home at the time of the fire and no injuries reported, and Commander Noel Dodd from the Metropolitan Fire Service said the occupants were noticeably upset upon finding out about the emergency. 

“The occupants are noticeably upset and understandably so. There is extensive damage through the property and they have lost a lot of their personal things.”

The main damages were in a rear meeting room and the cause is believed to have been some incense that was not properly extinguished before being disposed. 

This led to the bin, curtains and cupboards catching alight and spreading. 

Commander Dodd said the fire was under control within 15 minutes but they did have to call in additional crews, use breathing apparatus and high pressure hoses. 

“The initial crew upgraded the alarm because of the size of the fire, which brought additional resources in from the Napperby CFS who assisted the MFS.”

The fire was a wake up call for the family next door, who said they were alerted by their dogs barking. 

“I woke up to my dog barking because he doesn’t usually bark for no reason. When he was barking I was like ‘oh no something is wrong’”, Phillip Wilson, a 13-year-old neighbour explained.

“I went inside, told everyone to get up now, get the dogs. Then we came outside and saw the big flame.” 

The fire was treated as accidental.