Bugs’ never say die attitude on court

When the Bugs took to the court this week it was with a ‘never say die’ attitude.

What did they have to lose up against the ever triumphant Bees?

After the first round it looked like the Bees were going to have it all their own way again.

Tanya Williams and Bryll Baeleen of the Bugs team did however give the Bees duo Cameron Williams and Vy a taste of things to come with a 42:36 win.

It was in the second round that the Bugs really ‘zapped’ the Bees.

The first three games were won easily, paving the way for victory.

When Bugs pair Jonty Perry and Denisa Pop took on Bees pair; Robyn Holthouse and Sarah Doroga, they did so with a 35 point advantage to back up their efforts.

A spirited game followed with a touch of sibling rivalry added to the mix.

Sarah D. has found that ‘nice’ plays no part in winning a game of badminton.

‘Show no mercy’ is the adage to apply once you hit the court.

Sarah and Robyn won the first game for the bees 21:14.

Then the bugs dug in, countering with a 21:18 win in the second game.

The Bees team won the third round of the night by 16 points; shrinking the deficit to just 15 points.

By this stage of proceedings the Bugs team could see that they had a real chance of knocking off the Bees for the first time this season.

All players were mindful of this possibility when Gary H. and Meng of the Bugs team took on Bees Santhosh and Cameron in the first games of the round.

It was a predictably noisy affair but it was the Bugs who were 8 points in front at the change of ends.

Santhosh and Cameron lifted their game from then on, giving as good as they got.

They were only just pipped at the post by one point in the second with the Bugs winning 21:20.

In the fourth round the Bugs consolidated their position well and truly with three perfect scores.

This is in spite of the fact that Peter Hubbard and Cameron Williams dished out a 21 point drubbing to their opponents in the only game that the Bugs lost in that round.

Heading into the fifth round the Bugs were quietly confident, all they had to do was hold their own.

The Bees needed to prevent the Bugs from gaining any more than 140 points in the final round in order to draw even.

This final round was the most evenly contested of the whole match but when Dan Doroga lined up against John Pop for his swan song and an additional dose of healthy sibling rivalry, it was ‘All Over Red Rover’ for the Bees.

The Bugs already had 708 points and the most that the Bees could hope for was 714 points, this meant that they had to prevent the Bugs from gaining any more than 6 points over two games.

The Bugs earned 34 points thus winning the match by 30 points overall.  

BUGS 742 defeated BEES 712