Moebus in winning place

COURSE ACTION: Roger Huxtable putts on number 18 recently.

COURSE ACTION: Roger Huxtable putts on number 18 recently.

Did we think that the course would never been green again? Well, it is amazing what a bit of rain can do.

Give it another week or two and the course should be looking pretty good. But, of course, with rain comes the chance that there may be sandy bits that suddenly become a wee bit muddy. This is something that Ralph Johnson found out as he took a shortcut across the course from home to the clubhouse. On seventeen it was a wee bit muddy and down went Ralph, stuck before he started. He had to manually pull his cart out of the bog and on reaching the clubhouse he was seen trying to clean off some of that mud from his shoes. Yes, we laughed but then it was John Penny and Dino Tattoli who managed to do the same on sixteen. Well done lads. But we do love the rain, we are not complaining at all. It had seemed that there may not be any players for the Coca Cola Stroke Trophy Day but as the day drew on and the blue sky managed to peek through, so did the golfers. Paul Moebus took out the winning place in A Grade, someone shouting out- not again. Moeby played his front nine with three pars and three birdies and followed that up with another three pars and one birdie on the back nine. Moebus had played his round with the stroke result of seventy seven, not a bad score for such conditions. Ball Winners in A Grade had been Ralph Johnson with seventy one and Andrew Chivell who had managed a seventy two. Johnson also picked up the Long Drive in A Grade. Chivell is playing good golf at the moment and had finished with two over on both nines. Just out of the ball winners list had been Tony Ridge who had finished with a net score of seventy three, just pipping John Penny, who had finished with the same net. However,  Ridge’s handicap had placed him in the front. The walking the course had his knee clinking in and out at times. And walking? Yep, no luck for Tony with that Golf Cart, this time with the motor cooked. Good exercise anyway, Tony!

Visiting golfer from Port Germein, Jason Holman, played a good round of golf, signing his card with an eighty three off the stick, and with his handicap of fifteen, a net of sixty eight. Holman also collected the Nearest the Pin on five. B Grade Ball Winners had been Ray Rontaunay, seventy, and Tony Minerds. Rontaunay took home his Risdon Hotel Voucher for the Long Drive in B Grade, but poor Minerds, after such a fine win last week, found himself in a deep black hole, finishing with a seventy nine net. The plus in this is, there is only one way to go and that is up. Just jokes, Tony!

The highlights of the day came from the C Graders with Adam Rontaunay taking out this division. Just sneaking in under the one hundred mark, Rontaunay, finished with a net score of seventy eight.

Thank goodness for the handicap system. Unfortunately, and didn’t we give him a good ribbing, was Dino Tattoli, with a one hundred and two off the stick. I suppose we could blame the conditions, and really each hole wasn’t that bad, it was just that all those extras added up.

Always next week, Buddy! But – Tattoli did collect the Long Drive in C Grade, and that is not a surprise. If you have ever watched him drive, you would know what I mean. One two, wham and the ball is gone.

Poor Phil Bickley had a terrible day, in his own words, having an eighty eight off the stick But, poor Bickley also picked up the Nearest the Pin on ten and then again on sixteen. Yes, it was a terrible day. How he hates the eighteenth. In case everyone didn’t know – Bickley hates the eighteenth. It took him eight to pot the ball on that terrible hole, being only one of two out of the field of golfers to score this amount. Jayson Meyers played a reasonable round of golf, with a seventy nine off the stick scored.

However, when you play off a handicap of four, it is hard to get yourself into the prize winner’s list. Meyers is always near if not in there winning. He is always a sure bet for some good golf.

As time is short and it is only two weeks to the Nyrstar Northwestern, held in conjunction with the Doug Adams Memorial. We expect to see some practice happening over that time, getting your name on the board for the prestigious event is worth practicing for. Next week is the Peter O’Loughlin Memorial, an event sponsored yearly by The Ports.

Until then, happy golfing!