Hubbard’s mastery a cut above the rest

Newcomer Peter Hubbard made his first appearance in the second round of season 2018. Peter demonstrated that his mastery of the game is a cut above the rest, taking home a perfect score for his first match in the Port Pirie competition.

When Peter and Meng Toh took on Greg Fidge and Michael Cruz of the Birds team, the Birds did not know what to expect and found that they had no answers for the unexpected challenges being presented to them. While the Birds pair managed to scrape together double figures in the second game, they were in defensive mode from go to whoa.  

The Birds’ bid to put their stamp on proceedings was not rewarded until Eunice Smith and Rosie Arnold took to the court against Roda Luteria and Sarah Doroga. This was Roda and Sarah’s first night of competition as well.

The Bees pair did very well in the first to score a healthy 16 points. They maintained their enthusiasm in the second in spite of being up against two of the most experienced players in the club. The Birds twosome won this bout 42:30

Santhosh ventured onto the court for the first time in many months. A very spirited game ensued when he and Kenton Franks, playing for the Birds, paired up against Nate T and Vy.

Santhosh was as vocal as ever, loudly celebrating a score of 21 at the first change of ends. Nate and Vy settled in the second game, only allowing the rowdy Birds 15 points to add to their total

Santhosh was as vocal as ever, loudly celebrating a score of 21 at the first change of ends.

Even though the Bees won every round of the match, the Birds however managed to remain in touch in the second and third rounds.

They were lagging by 11 and then by 15 points at this juncture. It was in the fourth round that the Bees consolidated their position streaking ahead by an additional 18 points.

Nate T and Meng Toh are a well attuned duo; who have been honing their skills in the off season. Santhosh and Michael Cruz have not played together before for a while, so this Birds pair took the first game to find their rhythm.

After the change of ends they were ready to give as good as they got gathering together a handsome 19 points to contribute to the Birds’ cause.  

At the commencement of the fifth round the Birds were well and truly down and out but remained undaunted, fighting bravely to the end. Michael Cruz and Kenton Franks were ecstatic with their tally of 42 when they outscored Meng and Vy by 14. Sarah Tan and Rosie Arnold followed suit with their 7 point victory over Paula Meyers and Sarah Doroga of the victorious Bees.  

BEES 741 defeated the BIRDS 690