Kennedy claims the day

COURSE ACTION: Phil Bickley putts on the eighteenth.

COURSE ACTION: Phil Bickley putts on the eighteenth.

Some days there doesn’t seem to be much humour in the game of golf. Infact, some days the clerics of this world may turn a blushing pink at the sound of some of the language that passes over the greens and through the trees. But humour is always important to retain, as is seen in this bit of humour that I read the other day.

“After having a pretty good round, one fearless golfing companion stepped up to his ball on the final hole, a short par four, and boldly announced,” Well, one drive and one putt should be enough”. After a full swing he looked up only to see his ball go dribbling off the tee. His caddy picked up the bag and proceeded to say, “now for one heck of a putt”. Well, maybe it wasn’t hilarious but I bet it did put a slight smile on your dial.

And there would have been a smile on the dial of young Matt Kennedy last Saturday winning the A Grade Division. Playing in the Pirie Bottle & Scrap Day, Kennedy put a nice stop to a couple of the top guns in the club. Jayson Meyers and Wayne Forrest were out for a hit but just failed to track Kennedy down. Playing a round of golf with ten pars isn’t to be laughed at, at all. Finishing with an eighty one off the stick, with his ten handicap, he rounded off the day with a seventy one net. Mind you, he only just sneaked into the winner’s seat. Jayson Meyers and Grant Norton had also finished on a seventy one and Wayne Forrest had completed his round with seventy two net. Now, that is what you call some tight competition. We haven’t seen Forrest for a while but that makes no different to his game. Forrest plays off a handicap of three and his front nine had seen him shoot seven pars and a birdie. Another six pars on the back nine had completed his game. With only six weeks to the Nyrstar Open, I expect we will see a bit more of him in weeks to come.

To the bottom end of A Grade list were John Penny and Gary Ryan. Why mention the bottom of the list you ask. Well, Penny had a blitz on the front nine, shooting a thirty eight, only a couple hitting lower. Unfortunately the back nine was a slight disaster and we won’t mention any number right now. Gary Ryan, the other mentionable, although not hitting his straps as yet, showed that he hadn’t lost it at all. Ryan took out the Nearest the Pin on nine and also on sixteen. But that wasn’t all, he also hit a beauty on eighteen to hold the Long Drive in A Grade. Waiting for more.

And so we come to B Grade and it was Jim Scavarelli who ruled the roost this week. Ten pars for Scavarelli also, not too bad a round at all. A couple of holes may have had him shaking in his boots a little but he finished the game to his advantage. Nearest the Pin on two and also No five also went to Scavarelli, not a rough day after all. Two shots away was Kevin Stokes who had entered the clubhouse with a seventy two on his card. Stokesy loves his golf almost as much as his beloved Collingwood. Did they win this past week? I wouldn’t know. I do know my beloved Crows went down. But while Stokes was about it, he had picked up the Long Drive in B Grade. Good job!!

Anyway beneath him on the card was Ray Rontaunay. Rontaunay finished with a seventy five and bringing up the rear of the B Graders Ball Winners’ list was Tim Bessen. Bessen completed his round with an eighty three. Not forgetting the C Graders and into the bargain, who could forget Don Dietman. Dietman, a man after my own heart where footy is concerned, loves his golf and plays it in the manner that it should be played, with respect. Dietman finished  two shots ahead of last week’s winner, Wally Zilm, but also picked up the C Grade Long Drive. Zilm wrote seventy three on his card just in front of John Francis, our Port Augusta player, who travels every week just to play here. Last of the Ball Winners this week was Alastair Wilson who had trouble with a doughnut of some kind this week. Ralph Johnson took out the Pot of Gold with NTP on fourteen.

Until next week, happy golfing!