Double win against Vale

Round 1 results


Adel Great Wall 2, Macedonia United 4

Para Hills United 0, Maiwand FC 5

Rowe Park 3, Adelaide Croatia 1

SBS 2, South Coast United 4

Round 2 fixture


Angle Vale v Macedonia United

Maiwand FC v Adel Great Wall

South Coast United v Para Hills United

Adelaide Croatia v SBS


It was a strong league season opening display by the Vincent DeGioia coached Savoy last Sunday when it defeated the Angle Vale Foxes 4-2.

Savoy added to its previous cup win in what is the Green and Whites' best start to an amateur season, and to make matter even better the Reserves also won. 

Savoy, still with two players missing from its best eleven, opened the scoring before the Foxes converted a penalty to have the two teams level at 1-1 at halftime

An impressive second period by the visitors saw the DeGioia-mentored outfit more or less control the new half scoring  three more goals to register a league win the locals so much craved for. 

Savoy repeated what it did last season, winning against the Foxes away at Angle Vale Sports Complex in the early round against the Ashley Appleton coached team.  

Other round one winners were Macedonia United who won 4-2, Maiwand FC won 5-0, South Coast United winning 4-2, and Savoy’s next opponent Rowe Park that comes to Savoy Park this Sunday defeated Adelaide Croatia 3-1.

Last Sunday, Savoy did play Darren Clinton who was injured against Westwood in the cup game the previous week, but was without Jay Higginbottom and Sam Salvemini in a round one contest that no doubt was crucial to the Green and Whites in Division 3 soccer. 

It was Angle Vale that scored first when Ben Higginbottom was caught by referee Arben Shyti for handling the ball and Ellerey Morgan made no mistake from the spot giving the Foxes a 1-0 lead at the 29th minute of the game, but only minutes later it was some fine skills from AJ Sabimana that nicely played himself square of the Foxes goals before sinking his shot into the net.

The two teams were level 2-2 at the 33rd minute and that score was maintained until the long break on an afternoon that rain threatened and both teams looked to win the season opener.  

The second half saw Savoy take a 2-1 lead via a penalty when AJ Sabimana had the Vale defence in all sorts of trouble before the Savoy player was upended by the home keeper and the former Demons player converted the penalty.

Savoy’s Darren Clinton then headed over the crossbar and Carlo Librino in midfield was playing some brilliant soccer adding to Tate Brook’s fine defensive work and Ben Higginbottom usual decisive soccer. 

Savoy went 3-1 up when top ball players Clinton and Librino combined to have Jaden Gonzalez expertly lob Foxes keeper Tony Bagnato at the 55th minute only to have Savoy’s offensive roll hindered when the home team won a second and debateable penalty and the game's third and a 3-2 score line that closed the gap on the visitors.

It was Savoy that played the better soccer all afternoon and it was deservedly that Carlo Librino roved a Clinton right cross to sink the ball in the Vale net for 4-2 at the 75th minute before some rain came with the contest well in Savoy’s keeping.

Sunday’s 4-2 win to Savoy certainly would have pleased coach Vincent DeGioia and the likelihood of the Green and Whites improving further look bright.


ANGLE VALE: R.Kosonen, J.Watkins, B.Antonio, E.Morgan.

SAVOY: C. Librino, T.Brook, AJ Sabimana, B.Higginbottom. 


ANGLE VALE: E.Morgan (2 x Penalties)

SAVOY: AJ.Sabimana 2, J.Gonzalez, C.Librino.


The John Smith coached Savoy Reserves on Sunday set the trend for the rest of the afternoon in the early game against Angle Vale and like its league team defeated the Foxes 4-2 after trailing 0-1 before playing the best soccer against its opponents to take all three season opening points.

It was well noted forward Graeme Swan that performed all the heroics scoring all four goals last Sunday afternoon in a great solo achievement even though Vale scored first before the young Green and Whites led 3-1 at halftime.   

The Savoy Reserves who had a likeable season last year could well further improve on its last showing especially with solid numbers available at Savoy Park – Savoy will play the next two games at home and a top start to this season may well be on the cards.


Savoy will host new and unknown opponent Rowe Park at Savoy Park this Sunday afternoon in a round two Division 3 encounter between two opening round winners out to build on their positives in the new amateur soccer season.

With Savoy having defeated Angle Vale 4-2 away and Rowe Park’s 3-1 home win over Adelaide Croatia both teams no doubt will be looking at back-to-back league wins albeit the locals attempting to finally break the drought and get a win at home after only three home draws last season.

The pressure to perform and get winning results rests with coach Vincent DeGioia and his assistant Marcus Amato in a new season already boasting two straight wins where the improvements around the Green and Whites suggest some good signs.  

DeGioia will expect to select his strongest combination for the Rowe Park round two home fixture.

With goalkeeper Nathan Brook last week showing impressive form in the Savoy goals, Carlo Librino and AJ Sabimana along with Darren Clinton having top games against Angle Vale and with all three featuring in goal scoring action, more good soccer is expected.

Rowe Park and Adelaide Croatia were level at 1-1 at halftime last week before The Parks team scored two unanswered goals to win 3-1, but how strong the opposition teams are remains something that will not be clear for at least a month.

It will be quite encouraging for Savoy to manage a third straight win and its first such Savoy Park result since two years ago when it was playing Division 2 soccer.


The Savoy Reserves also will be out to make it two from two on Sunday when they take on Rowe Park at home where the John Smith coached Green and Whites cannot see why   consecutive wins can be impossible especially on home territory.

Last week’s quadruple goal scorer Graeme Swan ran amok against Angle Vale and the Savoy forward can again feature and score goals to get Savoy into a winning position.

Rowe Park last week drew with Adelaide Croatia 1-1 and Savoy defeated Vale 4-2 and with the game being at Savoy Park one does expect a good result for the locals.


 Rd.1 Angle Vale 2, Savoy 4

 Rd.2 SAVOY v Rowe Park

 Rd.3 SAVOY v Macedonia United

Rd.4 Maiwand v SAVOY

Rd.5 SAVOY v Sth Coast United

Rd.6 Adel Croatia v SAVOY


Rd.8 Para Hills Utd v SAVOY

Rd.9 SAVOY v Adel Great Wall