Finals wins for BHAS Blue and Purple

Blue won 46 shots to 34 shots against Laura.

Maxine Northcott’s rink with Wilma Hendry, Shirley Bennett and Melinda Pearce won 27 shots to 15 shots against Jeanette Clarke’s rink.   

Maxine’s girls got off to a good start and kept it going.

They won the first six consecutive ends, and although the Laura girls rallied, and from then onwards won more ends, they could not catch up.  

Any time they looked like making inroads on the deficit, Maxine’s rink would win an end with a good multiple score.

Judy Underwood’s rink with Marie Williams, Lina Amato and Ros Everett had a draw with Karin Lynch’s rink, 19 shots all.  

Judy’s girls got off to a good start and were up for the first ten ends, but then Karin’s rink scored seven shots on the eleventh end, which put them in the lead.  

Judy’s rink kept fighting and clawed back their deficit, finally making the scores level on the last end.

The Blue girls had some unavoidable late team changes, and did well to combine so successfully together.

Gold lost to Crystal Brook 29 shots to 39 shots.

Cathy Searle’s rink with Wendy Bennett, Joylene Todd and Aggie Davies won against Kay Cox’s rink 20 shots to 19 shots.  

Cathy’s girls got off to a good start and at one stage led by nine shots.

However, Crystal Brook finished strongly and reduced their deficit so that when the game was finalised BHAS won by the narrowest of margins.  

Jill Spillman’s rink with Coral Partridge, Glenys Meyers and Rose Hearn lost to Agnes Dhu’s rink 9 shots to 20 shots.  

It was a tough day for Jill’s rink with Agnes’ girls winning more ends and more shots.

However, BHAS kept trying and commendably won three of the last four ends.  

Gold also had some late team changes and did well against a quality opposition.

Unfortunately they are now out of the Finals race.

Purple won 35 shots to 28 shots against Gladstone/Laura.

Di Watson’s rink with Pamela Stevens, Dot Deed and June Osborne won 20 shots to 15 shots against Joan Stott’s rink.  

Although it was a close game and Joan’s rink challenged and were level on the ninth end; Di’s girls were never behind.  

They managed to keep their nose in front and stay there.

Shaz Saler’s rink with Virginia Mahoney, Nancy Warne and Val Hay won 15 shots to 13 shots against Kerrie Reed’s rink.  

Shaz’s girls started well and kept in the lead for the first thirteen ends, but from then on the lead changed and levelled several times.  

It was neck and neck with BHAS trailing going into the last end, but a handy four shot win on the last  end  saw  Shaz’s  rink  finish  with  a  win.

BHAS is very proud that they have a team in both Division One and Division Two Grand Finals.