Blue in good position to win Div One flag

DIVISION TWO: Alan Bennett in action for BHAS in their Division Two clash against Crystal Brook on Saturday.
DIVISION TWO: Alan Bennett in action for BHAS in their Division Two clash against Crystal Brook on Saturday.

Only two more games in the North Western Bowling Association competition before the finals begin, BHAS Division 1 Blue are in a good position to win the flag.  

They registered a good win against Peterborough on Saturday to hold on to their second spot on the ladder.    

The only other BHAS side able to finish well in the finals are the Division 4 side that are at present second, only because they have had to forfeit some games due to a shortage of players.

In Division 1 BHAS Blue travelled to play against Peterborough on their immaculate greens and won the game by 33 shots over all, 104 to 71.

G Hiskens, B Magor, W Hendry and P Flower played G Brackenridge, winning by 18 shots, 33 to 15.

T Gill, B Hancock, M Northcott and P Kilgallon defeated A Smith 32 to 13 after getting off to a good start.

P Vella, J Underwood, T Amato and D Randall came from behind to catch up and eventually defeat D Burnell by 1 shot, 19 to 18.

J Arnold was the only rink loser on the day, losing to D Cundy, 20 to 25.

Division 1 BHAS Red played at Crystal Brook on the Brook’s green, and lost by 26 shots, 89 to 115.

M Donald, B Hurley, D Thompson and M Clayton defeated their opponents 27 to 17.

F Searle, G Todd, S Clark and S Bennett had a see-saw game against B Page, and lost the game on the last end, to lose 32 to 34.

B Key, P Davies, D Ahola and B Scarman lost to P Cousins, 23 to 30.

B Green had a nightmare of a game against T Wardle, with a changed team his rink lost 7 shots to 34.

Division 2 BHAS also played against Crystal Brook at home and beat the ladder winners by 3 shots, 92 to 89.

F Amato, J Casey, N Warne and R Becker beat A Young 34 to 13.

J Dingle, D Hickey, C Partridge and Lina Amato lost to N Wilson 20 to 23, in what was the closest game of the match.

D Watson, J Cottee, L Dansie and A Bennett lost to G Young 24 to 27.

S Saler, R Adams, G Branford and K Jeffrey lost to P Frith, 14 to 26, due to a bad second half where they only won one of the last 10 ends.

Division 3 BHAS came up against Gladstone at Gladstone and were victorious by 8 shots, 74 to 66.

The ladies team of P Stevens, J Todd, K Rawlins and R Hearn all combined well to be the best winning rink at the match, and were awarded the Risdon Hotel meal vouchers, after defeating I Harris 26 to 17.

J Turci, J Mezzini, M Mezzino and M Pearce won against R Schnack, 28 to 24.

W Bennett, J Hallion, D Watson and J Osborne lost to G Herbert, 20 to 25.