Spirited Tigers win

Congratulations to Kristy O’Neill on her 250th game for Cougars. Kristy has been a faithful club member and to achieve this milestone is one that she will fondly remember.  

Kristy’s children Eva and Rubi also play for Cougars in the junior grades and mother Vicki is the Finance Director of the Association – it’s a real family affair – well done.

This week’s round was played in humid conditions until a slight cool change made conditions more ideal.  Some close results including a draw makes the path to the finals even more interesting.

Here’s hoping that the weather conditions might be a little better in the coming weeks.  Parents, please remember that the junior T ball Come and Try Players will start at 9.30 this week and the following weeks.


Evelyn Dumoi led a spirited Tigers to a 2-run win over Checkmates in the early time slot, 3 safe hits and a double play with Casey Baldock chipping in with two safe hits and 2 outs. It was a good effort by Tigers as they played with only 8 players.  Tigers scored 4 runs in their first at bat leaving Checkmates playing catch up all game.  It took Checkmates until the 3rd inning to get some runs on the board – they then put in two good innings of 3 runs over the plate. Full credit to Checkmates they were able to hold Tigers in the second innings holding them scoreless – Tigers batters face only 8 pitches for side, but that 4 run lead was always going to be hard for Checkmates to peg back even though Tigers were in the box seat batting last. Jacqui Graham and Tori Ditton-Bennett were the best of Checkmates batters (2 safehits each), Graham also featured in 4 outs in the field.

Sam Burt played a blinder for Cats – batting a thousand and gloving 4 K2’s with her pitching buddy Callie Siwak.  Once again Cats had the luxury of using Siwak for pitching duties only. Cats batting strength was evident with Krista Young contributing 3 safe hits and Phil Woolford, Steph Cutler and Kahla Williams 2 safe hits. Sonia Manfield showed her class as a first baser, featuring in 3 outs in her position and 3 assists. Cats scored in every time at bat which would be pleasing coming up to finals.  Alexis Hill for Cougars plays with confidence her attack on the ball is to be commended and her versatility is showing as she is being used in a variety of positions on the tough side of the diamond. Hill is a handy batter and was the best of Cougars batters (2 safe hits). Helen Webb Cougars gloved some fine catches at left field – Cats certainly gave the Cougars outfield some work to do.


It was a seven-inning drawn game between Cougars and Solly Cats – Cats only scoring the two runs necessary to tie the game in the very last bat of the day. Full credit to Cougars, to 250 game player Kristy O’Neill who pitched an amazing 6 K2’s for the game and conceded only 4 safe hits from Cats batters. Karli Penglase was always a threat both on the field and at bat for Cougars.  It was certainly a battle of the pitchers with Claire Beyer only allowing 2 safe hits from Cougars for the game. The game was tight from the very beginning – Cougars held scoreless in the first innings facing only 17 pitches for side – Cats up to bat and their first innings done in 16 pitches. Cougars scored singles in inning 2 and 7. Cats were scoreless for 6 innings – going into the 7th inning – 2 batters down and two runners on base it took a fine hit from Hannah Scarman to centerfield to score speedster Jess Marwick and Tanya Scarman who got those little legs pumping to equal the score.

Tigers side is filled with many versatile players and on Saturday they were shuffled around like deck chairs on the Titanic – their result was better than the fate which prevailed for that mighty ship – they came away with a convincing win against Checkmates.  Jessica Finlayson did her bit on the pitching plate and then had a spell at first – contributed with 2 solid safe outfield hits.  Emma Kerr came out from behind the mask and had a stint at third – assisting with the batting 3 safe hits, including a 3-bagger. It was pleasing to see Hayley Griffith return to batting form with a couple of safe hits and Shekhani Warren had some time as catcher and contributed 2 safe hits as well. Ever reliable Kylie Wyatt was a contributor for Checkmates and young Breanna Blatchford did a mighty job at centre field -they certainly had their work cut out this week.  


Deanna Spencer has not been a regular in Checkmates side all this season, but she made her mark with a couple of solid hits and some good glove work on first.  The game was very close, and Tigers were able to get over the line by a couple of runs. Tigers scored 8 runs in their first at bat and Checkmates fought hard to hold them to only one more run in a 4-innings game. Checkmates pegged away scoring in two’s and three’s, but they simply could make up the leeway.  It was good to see Kayla Stone back on the diamond after some time off last week – contributed with a couple of safe hits. Alena Marshman was Checkmates best batter – scoring home with three at bats.

Cats welcomed back Rebecca Claughton to take on pitching duties from Bek Noonan who is a required player in A2. Once again pitchers dominated with both Karen Bowering and Claughton featuring in keeping scoring to a minimum. A good score line for this grade and a 5-inning game. Cats scored in all, but one inning and Cougars scored in all but two innings. Marley Biddell is an up and coming junior for Cougars and she is gaining experience each week, Biddell played in the hot spot at third this week and acquitted herself very well.  For Cats – Chloe Liddicoat is proving to be a great all-rounder – had a go at catcher this week – adding another dimension to her game.


Some of the best juniors are on display in this competition.  This week it was Cougars and Solly Cats turn to shine. Solly Cats were victorious, but their win was not assured until the 4 innings when they put in a 7-run innings. Harper Bridley pitched an incredible 12 K2’s for Cats and her accomplice for the first part of the game was Dakota Petagna behind the mask and then Tayla Scarman. Edyn Manfield is a very intelligent base runner, gradually this team is coming together – eager to have a bat but needing to be selective in their choice of pitches with which to have a crack. Cougars can be encouraged by the good form of Georgia Salt who reads the play brilliantly at shortstop, Brodie Fogden who is very strong behind the mask and Jess Skipworth-Taylor who never gave up putting the ball over the plate.


Cougars had a 6-run innings, Checkmates a 7-run innings – at the end of the game a 1 run win to Cougars. What a close game!! Good standard or good umpiring – ask Mandy Bridley for further details. Keira Counsell, Emma Street and Ashtyn Skipworth Taylor all crossed the plate twice for Cougars. Kira was particularly impressive with 3 K2s for Cougars. Bridie Ellis -Nunn was Checkmates best batter – 3 times at bat for 3 safe hits Meteha DiGeronimo also recorded a safe hit and crossed the plate twice to bring in valuable runs.