From Island to Inland

A showcase of contemporary art from South Australia’s island of natural beauty, will be coming to Port Pirie’s Regional Art Gallery in the first week of February. 

The collection of work, named Island to Inland,  has been developed over the course of two years by 10 Kangaroo Island artists, and put together as an exhibition by Country Arts SA who aim to visualise the themes of isolation, natural beauty and the island’s unique history. 

One of the artists involved with the exhibition, is Deborah Sleeman who was born in Renmark, yet lives and works in Pelican Lagoon on Kangaroo Island. 

Deborah’s works are usually in the form of sculptures and are inspired by the natural world and she does this through using rusted sheets of metal and glass. 

The award winning artists has created a media installation, titled Les enfants Perdus (The lost children), and it features anthropomorphic bird and human forms suspended in mid-air, above a topographical map.

Her work is a meditation on the current state of the world, with so many people searching for safety. 

It also responds to the constant movement of people and animals across the globe and focuses on the patterns of migration of the mutton bird. 

The director of the Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery, Jenni Frost says that this exhibition will be amazing, as it is simply more than just paintings on walls. 

“There are multimedia displays, we will have suspended installations from the ceilings. We will have a constructed Kangaroo. There is fibre and textiles which show a sense of island life.”

“What makes them so unique and something that Country Arts SA does really well is because of the isolation of regional artists, they actually can bring the artists together and support them in a way that they can exhibit them and support their work.”

“Most artists that live regionally are there for a reason, it is a very creative place to be and it is a very nice place to live. But then they don’t have the markets or exposure to their work.”

Jenni explained that having an exhibit tour regional South Australia, will assist artists in knowing that their work is appreciated and is being seen by many sets of eyes. 

“It develops their own conceptual experience, so they know what they’re doing is credible and it is up there with other artists who may be living in a city, in a bigger population with a broader audience.”

The exhibition will be on display in the Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery from Friday 2nd February until Sunday the 11th of March, yet on the 1st at 6pm, the exhibition curation, Eleanor Scicchitano from Country Arts SA will explain the works and curatorial process. 

The Island to Inland tour will be at the following locations throughout the year:

  • Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery, Feb 2- March 11. 
  • Nautilus Arts Centre (Port Lincoln), March 16- April 14
  • Streaky Bay Supper Room Studio/VIC, May 4- June 3
  • Moonta Gallery of the Arts, June 8- July 22
  • Murray Bridge Regional Arts Gallery, July 27- September 9
  • Naracoorte Art Gallery, September 14- October 21
  • Millicent Gallery, October 26- December 9
  • Riddoch Art Gallery, Mount Gambier, December 14- January 27