Lucinda’s long locks are no more

Those long blonde locks of Lucinda Smallacombe are long no more, as she proudly and beautifully shows off her new mere bob, which sits above her shoulders. 

The 15-year-old took to Pirie Plaza on Saturday January 6 to show her fellow dance members and the public, the power of a pair of scissors. 

The sound of money rattled, as a bucket went around to the generous pockets of Port Pirie, who on the day donated $463.50, taking Lucinda’s total to $1,480.01, almost double of her original goal of $750.00. 

Hairdresser Chloe Dunstan, proudly chopped Lucinda’s hair in front of a crowd of 50 people, all who came out to support Lucinda. 

The ponytails of hair measured out to be a whopping 55 centimetres in length and on the following Wednesday, the 140 grams of hair was sent off to Variety Australia who will make her donation along with 12 others into a wig. 

Lucinda’s journey for the special day on Saturday started two years ago when she refused to get her hair cut. 

The selfless St Mark’s College student, along with her friendship group understood that her hair was more than just a symbol of beauty and for the sake of those who have lost their hair to disease, decided to give them hers. 

“It takes a couple of weeks to make one wig and they aren’t cheap, it costs a family almost up to $6,000 to purchase a wig. The money goes towards helping the families buy a wig”, Lucinda said.