Timomatic coming to Pirie in January

REGIONAL TOUR: Timomatic is setting out on a regional tour in 2018.
REGIONAL TOUR: Timomatic is setting out on a regional tour in 2018.

He is a multi-platform selling artist and will be touring regional Australia in 2018 for his Do What You Want tour, and Port Pirie is one of his most anticipated stops. 

Timomatic has taken the country by storm on Australia’s Got Talent and soon became a household name, releasing his four platinum, ARIA nominated single, Set It Off, which peaked at number two on the music charts. 

Signed to Sony Music, he began releasing music including hits If Looks Could Kill , Parachute and Can You Feel it and with his most recent EP on his new label, Vibes Collective, Stamina dropping on December 1, he is raring to show Port Pirie his new music. 

Timomatic spoke with The Recorder about his upcoming show on Wednesday 24 January at the Northern Festival Centre and he explained that throughout his whole career, touring regionally had never been option and now it has become a reality. 

“Me coming onto the music scene and coming up in Australia, I have always had a vision of really touring regionally and getting as far and wide as possible and we never did it, we never toured. This opportunity came up to tour to places like Port Pirie. What I saw the Justice Crew boys do last year, I was like you know what, it is time to do, better late than never I say. I am excited.”

Yet he says that places such as Port Pirie and Whyalla are always left off the map, knowing that cities like Sydney and Melbourne are spoiled for choice. 

“Australia is a small place, we are one of the only markets in my opinion where local artists don’t really get the love that other local artists in their own territories around the world get. I think it is important to take it to the people.”

With dance a strong focus for Timomatic, his business partner approached him with the opportunity to work with the Divine Our Destiny crew from the Sunshine Coast, who will be the opening artists for the tour. 

“My business partner on the tour said that he had these young guys that were really passionate and they are doing well. I think they bring a great energy to the stage. They remind me of the Justice Crew.”

Tickets can be bought online or through the venue.

Timomatic has now taken a plunge in his music, leaving Sony and becoming independent.

He has been doing shows, travelling the world and most recently, he has taken the drivers seat of producing; which the past four singles released, have been fully produced by himself.

“It is very much a hands on approach and I love it. I love being able to have my hand on the pulse with what is going on.”

“I am a very proactive individual and I like to go out there and get it. I hadn't release music in a long while and my fans were like we need music from you so I was like okay, first and foremost, music has to be out there.”

As Timomatic embarks on his next tour, he has set a few goals, firstly he wants to beat the amount of shows that Justice Crew performed last year.

They reached a total of 56 and he is aiming for 60.

Secondly, with the mention of Happy Birds chips, a Port Pirie favourite, he will be hoping to make a stop at the local store and try out what the Mid North region have to offer. 

“I am going to give my all to every performance. People of Port Pirie get ready.”

Timomatic can not wait to get on the road and share his passion with everyone.

The audience will experience both Timomatic and Divine our Destiny on the same night and Timomatic says that you are in for a full night of quality entertainment.

Timomatic will also be visiting Whyalla on Tuesday 23 January at the Middleback Arts Centre and Port Pirie on January 24 at the Northern Festival Centre and tickets for both performances can be bought online.