Hark, the Pirie angels sing

The Port Pirie Carols Committee have been busy preparing for Sunday’s Carols, ensuring that this year, the town is filled with Christmas spirit.

Commencing at 6pm in Memorial Park, Lions will be holding a barbecue and formalities will officially start at 6.30pm with a community concert, followed by the carols at 8.00pm.  

Mark Broadbridge, Chairman of the Carols Committee says that the event is a great reminder to the community that there is something worth celebrating and Christmas is actually about Christ. 

“I think it will be a great family event, there will be a number of great entertainers, we have someone to entertain the children, local talent and a community choir. People will have a great and relaxed evening.”

The committee have been working hard to put together the carol bags which will be available for purchase on the night for $6.

“We have been getting the bags ready for the carols event, it is a matter of putting together 400 bags.”

“There is a number of things in the bag, a lot of support from local businesses who have given us vouchers and other tokens. There are candles, glow-sticks, bubbles, a carols booklet, newspaper which talks about Christmas and a few other things.”

“We are grateful and thankful for the support of the local businesses of Port Pirie who have supported us over a number of years.”

Last year, the event attracted over 2,500 people and this year, the committee are hoping to see even more. 

“We are hoping for a great weather day and certainly more people than last year”, Mark said.

Working collaboratively with the committee is the Hope Partnership and this year instead of Sing Australia, the churches of Pirie have come together to create a choir that will sing the carols. 

Lenny Halfacre, the Community Project Officer for the Hope Partnership explained how the different church denominations in Pirie have come together to create a choir for this years carols. 

“The Hope partnership works throughout the year, but one of the things it does at Christmas time, one of the groups puts together the organisation of the carols on behalf of the community.”

This year, the big man, Father Christmas will not be making an appearance due to his very busy schedule, but this does not mean the carols will not be anything less of a great night.

“He is not prompted to attend on this occasion because I understand he is very busy with Christmas this year”, Mark said. 

In addition to the carols, the Hope Partnership will be coming together to put on a meal for those in Pirie, in Memorial Park, who have no one to celebrate Christmas with or nowhere to go.