Mixed results for BHAS on Saturday

DIVISION TWO: BHAS' Frank Amato eyes off the kitty in the Division 2 clash against Booleroo Centre.
DIVISION TWO: BHAS' Frank Amato eyes off the kitty in the Division 2 clash against Booleroo Centre.

Saturday’s round of the North Western Bowling Association games saw some huge wins and some close games.

Division 1 saw BHAS Blue defeating Crystal Brook by the small margin of just 4 shots, and in Division 4 Port Pirie defeated BHAS by 1 shot overall.

In the game BHAS Blue playing against Crystal Brook, BHAS managed to scrape home by 4 shots, with a win on only 1 rink, 97 to 93.

P Flower, B Magor, W Hendry and G Hiskens took the lead early from B Page, and held on to win 29 to 19.

J Brine, H Magor, J Arnold and G Jackson were down 3 to 14 early in the game, but managed to fight back, but the deficit was too much, ending up with a loss to P Cousins, 21 to 26.

D Randall, T Amato, J Underwood and P Vella lost to T Wardle, 22 to 23.

B Scarman, M Northcott, B Hurley and T Gill ended up with a draw against J Francis, 25 shots each after losing 6 shots in the last 5 ends of the game, 25 shots each.

Division 1 BHAS Red played Laura at Laura, and lost 93 to 115, under terrible windy conditions.

R Adams, M Williams, J Clifford and the undefeated skipper, F Noble had a comfortable win against G Brand, 26 to 19.

M Clayton, H Ciotucha, B Hancock and M Donald lost to A Kleinig 22 to 29 after having a quiet spell in the later half.

R Becker, D Hickey, P Davies and B Key took a while to get used to the green, down 8 to 20 at the break, and lost to T Brand 25 to 29.

S Bennett, D Thompson, F Searle and B Green suffered a huge loss against J Prior, 20 to 38 mainly due to the high end scores achieved by Laura.

BHAS Division 2 played Booleroo Centre White and came home with a strong win, 122 to 79. J Cottee, L Dansie, C Partridge and D Watson won their rink against I McCallum 33 to 18. R Gray, S Clark, L Amato and J Dingle defeated A Kelly by 8 shots, 28 to 20.

A Manfield, G Branford, B Smith and S Saler defeated V Fisher 38 to 22.

M May, J Casey, P McMahon and F Amato won against B Blieschke, 23 to 19.

Division 3 had the bye this week, hoping to come back next week with a vengeance.

In Division 4 BHAS played Port Pirie in what turned out to be the closest game of the week, with a win by Port Pirie of just 1 shot. P Hellmanns, J Van der Lee, A Davies and D Macdonald gaining a 10 shot win over S Stanley, 23 to 13.

L Caputo, D Watson, M Jones and D McMahon lost the game against D Key 10 to 21.