BHAS Blue triumphs over Crystal Brook

Blue had a win 40 shots to 33 shots against Crystal Brook.

Maxine Northcott’s rink with Wilma Hendry, Shirley Bennett and Lorraine May; won 22 shots to 13 shots against Kay Cox’s rink 13 shots.  Maxine’s girls maintained an early lead.  The Brookies came home strongly and whittled down the margin, but it was not enough, and Maxine’s rink had a comfortable win.

Helen Magor’s rink with Marie Williams, Lina Amato and Ros Everett lost to Agnes Dhu’s rink 18 shots to 20 shots.  It was a tight game with Helen’s rink slightly in front until the twentieth end when the Brookies levelled the score.  They then proceeded to clinch the game by winning the last end too.

Gold lost to Port Germein 30 shots to 52 shots.

It was a tough day for Marian Sandow’s rink with Jill Spillman and Nancy Warne.  Rose Hearn tried to start the game, but was unfortunately too ill to play on, so had to retire, leaving the three girls to battle on.  They were unsettled and didn’t score until the twelfth end.  They won six of the last ten ends, so were competitive in the last half of the game.  However, their disastrous first half combined with Jeanette Valente’s rink’s numerous multiples, saw Marian’s girls lose 10 shots to 33 shots.

Cathy Searle’s rink with Coral Partridge, Joylene Todd and Glenys Meyers won 20 shots to 19 shots against Faye Kemp’s rink. Cathy’s girls got off to a slow start and were down one shot to fourteen shots on the ninth end.  However at this point they rallied, and won nine of the last twelve ends.  On the eleventh end they scored seven shots which got the scores closer together and gave them confidence.  Good comeback ladies.

Purple lost to Crystal Brook 34 shots to 40 shots.  

Shaz Saler’s rink with Virginia Mahoney, Val Funke and Val Hay won against Yvonne Tobin’s rink 18 shots to 17 shots.  On the ninth end Shaz’s girls were down one shot to thirteen shots.  However, they won ten of the last twelve ends, including 7 shots on the eleventh end.  A good come from behind win.  We welcome Virginia Mahoney, who is new to our club. Di Watson’s rink with Pamela Stevens, Dot Deed and June Osborne lost to Dawn Hean’s rink 16 shots to 23 shots.  Di’s rink was in touch for most of the game and was even one shot up on the ninth end.  However, Dawn’s rink had more multiples and won more of the last few ends. This was Purple’s first loss for the year and it shows how fortunes can change.

Green won against Pirie Navy 52 shots to 26 shots.

Aggie Davies with Dot Dunn, John Casey and Kerrie Rawlins had a big win against Margie Langston’s rink 33 shots to 6 shots.  Aggie’s rink started strongly and kept up the pressure, winning more ends, with many multiples.  When Margie’s rink did score it was all singles, so they were unable to mount a challenge. 

Melinda Pearce’s rink with Rhonda Coller, Steve Clark and Iris Petitt lost 19 shots to Marion William’s rink 20 shots.  Melinda’s rink was down all day, but chipped away and cut the margin back to just the one shot.  This was creditable for Melinda’s first skippering this year.