Tattoli, Penny go to PGA

COURSE ACTION: Left-hander, Russell Sard, tees off on the tenth.

COURSE ACTION: Left-hander, Russell Sard, tees off on the tenth.

The PGA Golf Championships held on the Gold Coast this year had never seen the likes of two would-be champions that had visited for a couple of days. After winning a competition hosted by Yenda Beer, Coca- Cola Amatil, Dino Tattoli and John Penny flew off to the Gold Coast to have the experience of their lifetimes. There had not been any two more deserving club members to take this trip and boy, did they enjoy it.

Being picked up at the airport by a chauffeur in a brand new Lexus, they were dropped at Jupiter’s Casino where they stayed for two nights. After settling in to their room, they called their chauffeur once more to take them out to the golf at Royal Pines. This was day one, a more relaxed atmosphere for the golfers, the Pro-Am, where they could be seen wandering about and was that Sergio Garcia and his wife sitting at the table next to them having a coffee? Adam Scott was seen chatting, Peter Senior was just down the track a bit, Dino knew them all.

They were like teenage girls at a rock concert, and that is in their own words. Quickly to purchase some golf balls and hats, signatures were shortly emblazoned on everything within eyesight.

There are photos taken with the likes of Marc Leishman and the pair of them holding the cup. Time came to return to their hotel and the chauffeur was right on hand to take them back. Come the next morning, they travelled to Royal Pines, in the new Lexus, sharing the ride with Nathan Holman and his caddy. So much chatter, so many questions and not enough time, but a great ride.

In the Yenda corporate tent they rubbed shoulders with and chatted with millionaires, one turning out to be a multi-millionaire, owning sixty five hotels in New South Wales. Not too shabby at all. Another young couple owned a consortium of restaurants in Victoria.

Being in awe of everyone and everything soon got the lads from ‘outback’ South Australia known to a great number of the volunteers. ”We’ve heard of you two” they would say upon meeting Dino and John.

A grand old lady, aged in her late seventies kept hundreds of volunteers in line. Up at three or four each morning, nothing had been too much trouble for her or her merry bunch of volunteers each day.

All too soon it was time to catch the big white bird and fly off home. Oh hang on, it wasn’t quite that easy. Trouble with the heating demister in the windscreen wipers – really? After a lengthy period of time of trying to fix it, it was time to load everyone off onto another plane. Arriving back in Adelaide, a few hours late it was time to drive home and relate their stories over and over. Was it any surprise that by Sunday morning, Dino felt a little hoarse. Really? Surprise, surprise. He had not taken a breath since arriving home. I am sure he had even talked in his sleep. Many thanks to Lee Jackson for a wonderful trip, a wonderful experience for the boys.

Now back to reality. This week’s winner was Alan Peters, who had finished his round with thirty six points. A fairly even round with seventeen and nineteen points for both nine holes. He had finished just slightly in front of Roger Huxtable and Jose Gonsalves. Huxtable has been playing a decent round of golf just recently. Yes, he may play off a handicap of thirty, where Gonsalves is playing off a handicap of ten.

However, that is what the handicap system is all about. Huxtable is one of the unmentionable ages and playing as he does at his age, I take off my hat to him. Tony Ridge came in on the Ball Winner’s list with thirty three points. This may have been a disappointing score for Ridge but Gold Coast write-up for The Recorder think that he still ended in front of the likes of Russell Sard, Phil Bickley and Andrew Chivell.

What on earth happened to Chivell, who had finished with twenty nine points? Eight pars and a birdie on the second fourteenth, the other holes must have been atrocious.

It was only a couple of weeks ago, after a real run of catering, that Dino and myself had said that we had no Christmas Shows booked. Well, we should have bitten our tongues. Bookings have come out of the woodwork, with people realizing what a fabulous venue the Golf Club is for any occasion. Wonderful.

Until next week, happy golfing.