Bowls wins for Blue, Gold and Purple

Blue won 41 shots to 29 shots against Laura.

Maxine Northcott’s rink with Wilma Hendry, Shirley Bennett and Lorraine May, won 18 shots to Karin Lynch’s rink 15 shots.  Maxine’s girls were down for the first half of the game but some handy multiples gave them a slight lead and they kept in front with a narrow margin.

Judy Underwood’s rink with Helen Magor, Marie Williams and Lina Amato won 23 shots to 14 shots against Delma Noonan’s rink.  It was a tight tussle with Judy’s rink having a “purple patch” in the middle of the game, winning six consecutive ends.  A multiple score of 5 shots on the eighteenth end really helped them to finish strongly.

Gold played at Wirrabara and had a strong win 65 shots to 20 shots.

Marian Sandow’s rink with Jill Spillman, Nancy Warne and Rose Hearn won 29 shots to Liz Trott’s rink 11 shots.  It was a good showing from Marian’s rink with a consistently solid performance throughout the game.

Cathy Searle’s rink with Coral Partridge, Joylene Todd and Ros Everett had a big win 36 shots to Jill Milne’s rink 9 shots.  Jill’s rink had an early lead in the first two ends, but a multiple of 5 shots by Cathy’s girls evened up the game and from then on BHAS continued to accrue ends, often with multiples.  They had several patches of consecutive winning ends including a strong finish of seven consecutive ends.  Well done ladies.

Green had a tough game against Pirie Red and lost to them 31 shots to 50 shots.

Aggie Davies’ rink with Heather Whitehead, Rhonda Coller and Iris Petitt lost to Carol Johns’ rink 12 shots to 20 shots.  Aggie’s girls kept in touch but were unable to counter the Pirie Red attack.

Dot Dunn’s rink with Melinda Pearce, Val Funke and Kerrie Rawlins lost 19 shots to 30 shots against Di Rashleigh’s rink.  Dot’s girls were down early in the game, so were always playing “catch up”.  They never gave up and won four of the last five ends, but Pirie’s earlier work kept them comfortably in front.

Purple won 55 shots to 25 shots against Gladstone/ Laura.

Di Watson’s rink with Pamela Stevens, Dot Deed and June Osborne had a good win 26 shots to Gay Blake’s rink 8 shots.  Di’s girls are a cohesive rink with everyone contributing.  It was a good even performance.

Shaz Saler’s rink with Wendy Bennett, Glenys Meyers and Val Hay won 29 shots to Mary Noll’s rink 17 shots.  The number of ends won by each rink was close, but Shaz’s girls had a handy run of multiples which set them up early in the game.  They scored 13 points over three consecutive ends.

Well, after accidentally sending in an October 16 report instead of the correct October 17 report, my reporting skills have been the butt of some club humour.  I’m always pleased to add to the conviviality of BHAS.  However, the best result was that three of our retired bowlers, who featured in the 2016 report all visited our next home game, so my faux par prompted them to come out.  Lovely to see Ev Whelan, Margaret Madigan and Gwen Turner at the club.  Come again ladies.