Draw for Tigers, Cats

READY TO STRIKE: Tigers' Nadine Dunn gets ready to strike in the A1 game against Solly Cats.
READY TO STRIKE: Tigers' Nadine Dunn gets ready to strike in the A1 game against Solly Cats.

Softball scoring – along with baseball and cricket is an intricate process, but it is extremely interesting to read if done well.  A good score book is like a good book – it holds the reader engrossed until the last innings. Like many things of today – scoring is moving to new technology and President Ngaire Simms, Records Officer Anthea Dunbar and Secretary Jan Haren will be travelling to the big smoke to learn about the new programme which will help us move forward.  Fear not all who like me are not conversant with such things – there will be still a place for pen and paper.  If there are any scorers wanting to brush up on skills, we have some well qualified people in all clubs.  Learn the art – it is a good journey.

Good, tight quality softball was presented at Leonard Park on Saturday.  Every week the results produce something different from those predicted.  Unless something major happens, this season is going to be one of the closest we have seen for some time – especially in the 2 senior women’s grades.


Another draw – both coaches would be regretting the opportunity to get two valuable premiership points.  Tigers batted first and were kept scoreless for the first two innings despite some great batting from Evelyn Dumoi who finished the game with 3 safe hits.  Cats Sam Burt brought in the first run for the blue-and-white’s however it would be fair to say that they were far from confident with the bat.  A couple of sacrifice flies to the outfield brought in 3 more runs.  

Tigers never looked out of the game – they looked threatening in the 4th inning when Pam Paige for Cats took a brilliant right field catch from the batting of Kerin Colgan.  Had that gone through the field it would have been all over red rover.  At the top of the fifth, Tigers brought in three runs, aided by Casey Baldock’s 3 base hit followed by a safe single by Shekanni Warren to tie the score. Cats had last bat needing to score one run to win.  Krista Young’s line drive to right field missed fair territory by a whisker – Had she got on the momentum would have rolled with Cats, but not to be so each take a point.

In another close tactical game, Cougars accounted for Checkmates.  One must admire the grit and determination of Checkmates who at the start of the season looked unlikely to field an A1 side and here they are being extremely competitive every time they take the diamond. Justina Adams was the shining light in the first dig for Cougars with a very handy 2 bagger to right field, however the follow-up batters could not move her around.  Zali Adams brought in Cougars first run—Emily Gonsalves making the most of an outfield hit to score home. Zali finished the game with 7 K2’s. Karlie Penglase continues to dominate with some powerful batting – her solid centerfield batting resulted in bringing in the second run.

There was plenty of noise from the Cougars bench, but this did not deter Rachel Ciampi – her pitching was accurate and made Cougars become batters. Rachel only conceded one base on balls for the whole game.  It was interesting to note that Tori Ditton-Bennett received 3 walks in her 3 times at bat – coincidence – or Cougars were not wanting her to have a hit? Sharon Ciampi was another of Checkmates best with 3 times on base for 3 times at bat.


Checkmates took until the top of the 4th innings to put some runs on the board against Cougars and then they struck with vengeance.  Seven runs scored, six safe hits then 2 more in the sixth.  Some great batting from Bernie Good including a 3 bagger, Torie Ditton Bennett chipped in with 3 one-baggers and Rachel Leecroft continues to improve, batting in the final two runs with a 3-base hit to right field.

Kellie Wood worked hard for Cougars with a couple of safe hits however the team on the field looked lethargic. Certainly, the weather in the early time slots was very wearing, extremely humid and no breeze to provide relief. Cougars batters capitulated – not being prepared to face enough pitches before side away. They are a young side and will learn – don’t discount their ability.

It was an interesting day for Cats – they were on top in the field for most of the day – Tigers scored 4 runs in their first dig.  Cats were able to get two outs and then took an eternity to get the third out. There is something in the saying that a lot can happen with two down!! When Cats went into the bottom of the first – they piled on 8 runs – after that only 5 more runs scored for the game. Coach Terry Deed will be looking for some consistent batting in future games.

Jo Houghagen had 3 safe hits but in the field, it was a day she would probably like to forget. Tigers probably regretted not making the pitching change sooner.  Taylor Eglington held the Cats batters when she came on to pitch. Well done to Hayley Griffiths who really looks comfortable and safe at first base.  Made a change to the “hot” side of the diamond at 3rd and did her job well.


Tyra Seyfang’s name continues to appear in the best player lists for Cougars – She is proving to be very versatile able to play in many positions – that’s what is important when playing in development grades.  A very handy leadoff batter – well done. Cougars were without their regular pitcher, and Tammy O’Brien started the game.  Tammy and Caitlin Lenartowicz are very strong players in A3 – it would be good to see them given an opportunity in A2 – they would both manage that next step and it would improve their game immensely. Checkmates Kirby Cricchiola had a few positional changes on Saturday – well done Kirby for having a go – especially at pitching.  A player willing to change and try is an asset in anyone’s team.


Solly Cats played the double header and came away winners in both games. In the first game Hannah Marwick hit a great home run and managed a double play at third.  Annabel Arnold registered two solid centerfield hits while Harper Bridley and Kelsey Monaghan recorded 9 K2’s for the game.  Tiarnah Pisani for Checkmates showed that she can face up to faster pitching putting a solid hit through to centre field to get herself on base.

The second game for Cats against Cougars should have been a closer affair. Cats were winners by a considerable margin. Neve Adams for Cougars pitched 4 k2’s, but had 9 Base on Balls against her name.

In the Cats score line there was only one safe hit recorded for their game. Halle Adams scored a 3-bag safe hit and then home on a wild throw.  Play of the day would have to have been Georgia Salt’s home run with a wild throw from Cats catcher.

There are some great – well coached juniors in this grade.  Seniors would do well to watch their aggressive base running.


Both sides were understrength in the Cougars, Solly Cats game. Jerylee Brown and Bailey Houghagen were great with the bat – understanding getting out and having a hit rather than waiting for the easy path to a base via a walk. Cougars Kira Counsell is to be commended on her ability to put the ball over the plate tempting batters to have a go – Kira only pitched 5 walks for the whole game.  Well done.

It’s great to see Tigers getting among the runs each week – they are certainly improving and having fun learning to play the game.  This week Checkmates were too strong with Jessie Backshall and Meteha Digeronimo featuring in Checkmates win

A reminder – teams will soon start training for senior and junior state championships – if you are a starter – please make sure your name is registered.