Celebrating natural beauty in our world

The Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery opened two exhibitions on Saturday afternoon featuring works from renown local artists Clan Rodda, Annette Marner and Kirstie Jamieson. 

Artist, Annette Marner’s exhibition, ‘The First Line of Grace’, features 16 fine art prints that were influenced by British painter, William Hogarth who loved the curved line on mountain ranges and it was his influence of line of grace that Annette wanted to bring into her work. 

The prints feature animals from around the country and Mid North region, carefully photographed to display their exquisite lines and natural features.

The photographs were taken through patience and talent, as Annette explained, for some of her images she waited 90 minutes to snap the photo.

“Just one photograph of a blue damselfly that I took out at Neshably, took me three years to get.”

Her interest stems from a love of wildlife as a child and she included a wall of wildlife for kids, printed and laminated for a hands on experience. 

“We have heard about children being disengaged from the natural world and I was thinking about what I could do and then the line came to me ‘put a wallaby on their wall’.”

“I thought, I will create a combination, not cartoon, not nature. I will do something in the middle and create images that I hope that children will relate too.”

Art gallery director, Jenni Frost too believes that children should be involved in exhibitions. 

“They should be weaned into art galleries from an early age as there is always something to see and they have really lovely unadulterated views.”

“You can bring your children here and they will have a really fabulous experience.”