Header causes 20 hectare fire in Wanderah East

Twenty hectares of crop has been destroyed by fire at a property in Wanderah East on the Spencer Highway due to mechanical failure from a header. 

The fire started at approximately 9.30 am on Tuesday and the Country Fire Service responded to the fire with 11 appliances from across the region. 

Farmers from around Wanderah East also contributed to extinguishing the fire, supplying 10 farmer fire units to provide back up water supplies.

Due to the size of the fire, two fire bombers and an observational aircraft were flown in from Hoyleton to help extinguish the blaze. 

The CFS wants to remind farmers to regularly maintain their machinery and ensure there is no reside build up which could cause a fire if bearings overheat. 

The voluntary Grain Harvesting Code of Practice applies to all grain harvesting and grain handling operations that occur in the paddock including transportation vehicles, dryers and augers. 

Although farmers are able to harvest on a Total Fire Ban up until the Grass Fire Danger index reaches 35, they are encouraged to take the weather in their paddock into consideration and ensure that the wind is not too strong before commencing. 

For more information on codes of practice, see the CFS website