Funds for damaged Port Germein levee

The District Council of Mount Remarkable will be receiving $58,000 to upgrade a levee that was damaged by storms in 2016. 

Port Germein is located on a low-lying part of the coast, and is surrounded by a levee system that protects the township from inundation of ocean waters during storms. 

Extensive damage was caused to the levee in the 2016 storms from a king tide, causing it to wash away 

Deputy Chief Executive Officer for the District Council of Mount Remarkable, Jessie White says that council is excited to receive the funding and will use it towards installing a DefenCELL. 

“Works will include the installation of a DefenCELL, reinforced with rock armour, these combined will reduce the impact of future storm events on the Port Germein foreshore and Council resources.” 

“Improvements to the Levee Bank is essential for safe guarding Port Germein against future storm events”, Ms White said.

The funding is being supported by Member for Stuart, Dan van Holst Pellekaan who says that it is a positive response from the State government for a town that has undergone so much damage. 

“The storm damaged the jetty, then it was repaired, then it was damaged again and the local people were heart broken.”

“It is great to see such a positive outcome.”

The funds are coming from $2.2 million granted to eleven councils across South Australia, helping to protect and conserve the state’s coastline. 

As climate change is impacting the rise of the sea levels and coastal erosion in South Australia, numbers of policies and system have been put in place for coastal management, yet the state continues to struggle with the changes. 

In order to alleviate the evident changes, the Coast Protection Board’s annual grants program has funded $328,000 to regional and metropolitan councils. 

Environment and Conservation Minister Ian Hunter says they have welcomed the support from the Coast Protection Board that will allow local councils to manage their own coastal areas. 

“I know that residents of these towns are proud of their beaches and coasts, and I am pleased that this funding will help them beautify, restore and protect these beautiful parts of our state.”