A lucky strike for Port Pirie athletes

Five of Port Pirie’s best ten pin bowlers will be heading to Adelaide next year to compete in the national Special Olympics

Throughout the course of the year, the athletes compete in the State games and other regional competitions and for each gold or silver medal earned, a point is put towards their name. 

Those with the most points at the end of the year are chosen to represent their state in the national games. 

Daniel Antal, Lizzi Waterman, Kathleen McGrath and Kellie Martlew, have all been chosen from Port Pirie to represent South Australia from April 16-20 2018, and are looking forward to taking their representation to next level. 

Kellie is excited to compete but also to achieve something for herself. 

“I am very excited to be there with my friends and for me.”

“I have been practicing real hard for four weeks and I am looking forward to winning a gold medal.”

The team, who finished their season on Tuesday night have started training and will be working with coach Mark Hutchison and assistant coach, Maxine Bowden to ensure their skills are up to scratch.

Mark says that there are a few tricks to ten pin bowling which he will be teaching the team to help them succeed in Adelaide.

“I give them a hand on how they are supposed to release the ball and control themselves, and how to pick up the spares which is the main part of the game.”

“The coaches in Adelaide have said that everybody can strike but not everybody can spare. You can strike quite often, but if you miss a spare you can miss up to 20 pins in two frames.”

“If you keep your eyes on the arrows and follow through the ball to hit those arrows to which will take it to the pocket most of the time if they deliver if correctly”, Mark said. 

The President of the Special Olympics in the Spencer Gulf, Maxine Bowden says that is makes her feel good that they are actually doing something up good in Port Pirie.

“They just love their sport, they would be here anytime we open the doors.”

“l tell you what, you need your ear plugs when you are down town, the squealing and the enjoyment is really enjoyable to watch.”

“l tell you what, you need your ear plugs when you are down town, the squealing and the enjoyment of the team is really enjoyable to watch.”

Maxine Bowden

The team will travel and stay and in Adelaide and each athlete is required to fund $1800 for themselves to participate. 

Maxine says they are trying to lift the burden of the large sum payment and will be fundraising around the region to help each individual get to Adelaide. 

If you would like to lift the financial burden and donate to an athlete or to the team, please contact Maxine on 8633 1492, donate online, or contribute to one of the team’s fundraisers.