Music is their forte

Music lovers came together on Thursday to harness their young talent and learn more about the music industry. 

Over half a dozen enthusiastic musicians joined tutors, Connie Kis Andersen, Paul Wilson and Rohan Powell as they guided them through the ins and outs of the music industry. 

The one day workshop offered emerging and aspiring artists, songwriters and musicians first hand insights, tips and tools into the workings of, and success in, the music industry.

The music industry workshop was just the start to the weekend filled with a talent quest that will result in two scholarships being won by entrants. 

Roma Sampson, the event organiser says she wanted to get the best tutors in Australia to give the children knowledge to further their music career. 

“We started the scholarship last year which also includes Laura Events Inc and Burra Music Events Inc and we wanted to make sure the kids were young and excited by music.”

The amalgamated Mid North Country Music Scholarship consists of two categories, both junior and senior. 

Both the junior and senior scholarship consist of sending the winners to the academy of Country Music 2017 in Tamworth, the scholarships combined value being $5,800. 

In attendance at the music industry workshop was 13 year old Ella Hebberman. 

Ella has a natural passion and talent for music, excelling in both the guitar and piano. 

She has participated in previous workshops, yet Ella has decided that she wants to learn how to write songs.

“It has been extremely fun, I love meeting the people at the workshops, the teachers are really helpful and have helped me a lot. I had a workshop with them last year as well and they have helped me along the way. 

“I haven’t really done any song writing yet, which is why I am doing the workshop to learn some more skills”, Ella said. 

Facilitating the learning of the music students was Connie Kis Andersen, a successful Australian country artist.

Connie’s focus of the day was to inspire the students to not only get involved with the song writing but also the business aspect of a successful career in music. 

The chart topping artist says that the easiest thing to do as a musician is write, but the hardest thing is to connect a broader audience.  

“The industry itself is what is important in terms of being able to connect to your audience, you need to know how to do that and that is the business side of things. You need a team and even a machine, even if its a small one at first.”

“ We have been talking about song writing, song parts, we have done a little song anatomy- breaking down the song and finding out what makes a hit song into some big hits, what is was that made them so successful and after the session we will be doing a bit more about the industry side of things, talking about royalties, getting your music out to radio, press releases.”

Connie and the other musicians will be judges for the weekend talent quest which will ultimately pick the successful scholarship winners. 

Although the winners will be chosen in a different way to usual. 

“[The winner] will be the one who will benefit the most”, Connie said. 

“It is a committee who are looking at the talent quest. It may not necessarily be the winner but the student that will gain most from that experience; it is about being able to step out.”

“What I hope for them to take home is a basic grounding and inspiration to follow up and learn more in the industry. I hope that we will end up with them coming back and wanting more at the end of the day and being inspired to grow from this”, Connie said. 

The talent quest will be taking place all weekend, for more information please contact Roma Sampson on 8633 4417.