A Good Samaritan stops FoodPlus fire

A Good Samaritan is being praised after noticing smoke coming from the roof of FoodPlus Market on York road which led to the fire being extinguished before it was able to spread. 

The unknown gentleman noticed the smoke which was not visible inside and raised the alarm with shop manager, Sharon Ciampi just before 1pm on Thursday afternoon.

The Metropolitan Fire Service were called to assure that the fire was extinguished. 

The fire was sparked by an electrical fault above the freezer space, which caused the evacuation of all staff members and the four customers in store.

The alarm was raised after manager, Sharon Ciampi could smell smoke. 

“I asked all the staff members to go outside, but we couldn’t see anything.”

“Then a Good Samaritan told me that he could see smoke coming from the roof.”  

The gentleman and Sharon used fire extinguishers to put out the fire whilst awaiting for the arrival of the MFS. 

The MFS assured that the fire had been extinguished. 

“We were told that if we didn’t act as quickly as we did, it could have been a disaster”, Ms Ciampi said. 

Ms Ciampi is calling for the kind man who alerted her of the smoke to come back to the store to be thanked.

The cost of the damage is unknown and the shop closed for the day.

This fire comes as a timely reminder for all businesses and their staff to know how to use a fire extinguisher.