Fancy-dress costumes at hatters' birthday party in Pirie

The local chapter of the Red Hat Society, the Pirietts, marked their sixth birthday with a fancy-dress lunch.

They were joined by a contingent of fellow Red Hatters from the Copper Coast.

A mystery parcel caused a lot of interest as the recipients’ names were specific to their interests.

It created a great deal of fun in identifying the person.

A beautiful Dolly Varden cake was made by one of the hatters, Raelene Wandel.

The honour of cutting it was given to Fran Bovill, the “dowager” Queen Bee.

There was a Christmas tree complete with flashing lights, the Queen of the Fairies, a giraffe and a crocodile, Raggedy-Anne and others in costumes.

All the games and the whole program was arranged by Queen Bee Ann Allan.

Next birthday party will be at the Cousin Jennies at the Copper Coast.