Successful winter season

TEEING OFF: Tracy Swan tees off on number ten last week.

TEEING OFF: Tracy Swan tees off on number ten last week.

Who can believe it is the end of the winter season. The winter season of 2017 has been a very successful one. It has been Saturday after Saturday of good golf, companionship and great sponsorship. Saturday’s sponsors, the President and Vice-President, John Mullin and Grant Norton, finished off the season very nicely and it was great to see John Mullin available to present the trophies for the day to those that were present. One golfer who had collected his fair share of prizes during the 2017 season and did not disappoint on Saturday for the President and Vice-President Trophy, was Tony Ridge. Tony took out the best off the stick with a great score of seventy three. Ridge scored his card for the first eight with six pars and two birdies and then came the ninth hole. Well, how did a five on a par three possibly happen when you are playing as well as that?  Anyway moving past that, he played the back nine with four pars and two birdies. The seven on the par five eighteenth would have be a disappointment – once again. Runner-up in the best off the stick was Roger Kirchner. Kirchner’s score of eighty two was a close win over Phil Bickley and was only credited to his account by a countback.

The handicap winner for the day was Wally Zilm. Zilm handed his card in with a handicap score of sixty eight. Zilm is and has been a morning player for as long as I can remember and manages to get the best part of the day to play. The beautiful morning with the birds singing, it’s a heavenly place to be. Ray Rontaunay finished only one stroke behind Zilm and Alan Coventry was a bit unlucky to have missed out due to another count back. The rest of the ball winners were Ken Bessen, on seventy one, and then Steve Funke, Kevin Stokes and Don Dietman, who had all finished their round on seventy two. Ken Bessen, for the second week in a row, picked up the pot of gold, when he was deemed nearest the pin on fourteen. And although this was wonderful to see, there is a wee story that has followed Bessen around this week. Bessen, during the week, has a knack of arriving just as the kettle has boiled and is usually served with a nice cup of coffee. One day last week, he made his own cup but it would seem that the water supply had been turned off as there was “no more water, only enough water in the kettle for one” when Dino asked if he had made him one. No more water? In the pipes? Oh dear. Dino did suggest turning the tap on. Tony Minerds, one who enjoys his golf, picked up nearest the pin on both the fifth and sixteenth holes. Nice to see! And nice to see Ralph Johnson back on the course, able to play with a back that is not as bad as previously. Although he didn’t show in the winner’s list, the old back must have held up while he belted out his drive on eighteen and took out the A Grade long drive. And it was a turn up amongst the long drive winners when it was Max Bickley in with a win for B Grade and Stuart Thorpe taking it out in C Grade.

The summer season begins this week and the joy of the game will be playing the back nine twice. That will make a few certain players happy – not! Anyway, golf is golf and if you love your game, you will find a way to enjoy it. One person that the club is deeply indebted to would be Lin Joyce. We could never repay him for the work and the hours he puts in at the club. His machinery is seen constantly on the course and he is ever happy to help out. However, sometimes there are little stories that catch up even with the best of them. It would seem that going back a little while Lin had rung someone to find out their phone number. Think about it!

But the story of the week would be about the diving that John Penny did on the course. I may have to elaborate on this next week and tell you how Penny had found himself talking to and asking questions of two pieces of brass rod. How he found where water was and yes, there it was when they dug for it. It has been a big week in the life of Divine John.

But, until then, happy golfing!