‘Ducka’ in fine form again

OUT OF THE ROUGH: Malcolm Meyers hits himself out of the rough on No. 4.

OUT OF THE ROUGH: Malcolm Meyers hits himself out of the rough on No. 4.

Alastair Wilson has been a part of the Pirie Golf Club for time immemorial.

Player, member, sponsor, an  all-round golfing bloke.

This past weekend he took on the role of sponsor with a stroke round of golf offered to players.

It was a shame that golfing numbers were down, some away, a handful working in the dam and don’t forget the footy and grand finals around the place.

Never mind, those that played, finished with good scores .

Take Jayson Meyers, an A Grader, for instance, forty two points scored with a sixty nine off the stick.

With a handicap of four, this had brought Meyers down to a net of sixty five.

When you look through his card, only then do you realize what a grand round he had.

The first nine had seen Meyers shoot eight pars plus a birdie. The back nine had produced six pars and two birdies.

Meyers had finished two under par for the day.  He also scored the Best handicap Score for the day.

The course is in a bit of a flurry but it does not seem to be affecting the ability of players to score well.

Andrew Chivell and Tony Ridge, having scored sixty nine and seventy respectively, also scooped up soe of the miscellaneous prizes of the day.

Well, at least Andrew Chivell did.

Chivell took out Nearest The Pin on Number two and also the A Grade Long Drive.

B Grade winner for the day was the very golfer who would like to remain incognito.

However, in this write-up there are no incognito peoples and so Ken Bessen you are in the headlines once more.

But when you shoot an eighty one off the stick, well, what can you expect.

“Ducka” not only took out the B Grade section on Saturday but also Nearest The Pin on Number Ten.

Tony Coombe, who had also picked up the Pot of Gold, finished his game in the runner-up position of the day.

Bob Riding showed his mettle with a win in the Long Drive in B Grade. And it was Malcolm Meyers who took the Long drive in C Grade.

Meyers also finished in the Ball Winners list in C Grade but it was Doug Parr who tore back the bedspread and showed what he was made of. (Just jokes, of course).

Parr’s Net score for the day was sixty eight, not too bad at all.

He had been followed into the clubhouse by Ian Cugley who had completed his round with a seventy.

The Nearest The Pin, the final prize of the day, had been collected by Phil Johns.

Next week, I believe , is the Captain/Vice Captain Trophy.

Until Next Week, happy golfing.