Hospital equipment boost

The Port Pirie hospital has received some much needed new equipment as a result of volunteer donations. 

Volunteer drivers from the Port Pirie Regional Health Service raised approximately $6,000 for the hospital; purchasing an array of items to be used over several departments. The funds were raised over several years through donations from patients who have used the volunteer transport scheme as well as proceeds from ongoing bottle and can collections. 

The hospital has since received:

  • A bowls mat for the Joyce Gray Day Centre
  • Outdoor setting for Rosemary Cottage
  • Oxygen sensor for C Ward
  • 3 dressing trolleys for the emergency department

Andrew Taylor, nurse unit manager for the emergency department says they are very lucky to receive the equipment. 

“It has been fantastically received. What we had was quite aged and we were looking for some funds to improve the trolleys and improve the standard of care, reduce waste and increase the hygienic status of our equipment and dressings.”

“The Port Pirie hospital use this equipment in everyday procedural work it is very important to us”, Mr Taylor said. 

Ward C were previously required to transfer babies to other rooms to measure the amount of oxygen in their blood.

The new neo-natal oximeter probe is mobile and allows nurses to complete the required action a lot faster. 

“We previously did not have a mobile one and now we are able to perform to a much better standard in and out of the hospital, allowing us to discharge babies a lot earlier”, Mr Taylor said. 

The 13 drivers also donated a bowls mat and an outdoor setting which will be used leisurely by day patients. 

Wayne Partridge, a volunteer driver says that the departments always look forward to the donations as it has become quite hard to receive new equipment. 

“It is very hard in this day in age for the government to give out things that they need and by providing the money we can give them items they they need.”

“All the money we raise goes back into the hospital, and ultimately back into Port Pirie”, Mr Partridge said. 

The items are important for the day centres as they provide the social opportunities for the patients which they may not have received at home. 

The volunteers play a crucial role in the functioning of the hospital as they transfer patients to and from regional hospitals, including Whyalla, Port Augusta and Adelaide. 

If anyone is interested in becoming a volunteer driver at Port Pirie Regional Health Service, please contact the PPRHS volunteer coordinator on 8638 1100.