Savoy’s 2017 season comes to an end

A Division 2 amateur season of never-ending losses continued for Savoy in last Saturday’s season’s closing game when the Matthew Black coached Savoy team lost big again when defeated 1-6 by Munno Para at Uley Reserve in what has been a shocking year of soccer for the Green and Whites.

After the weekend’s results, the dominant and undefeated Para Hills West easily won premiership with a thirteen point gap to second team Tea Tree Gully and bottom two teams Savoy and Angle Vale are relegated to the lower division next season.

Savoy’s last six games has yielded 21 goals, one draw result and the locals have found the net just six times in a block of games that the Savoy Park team has virtually done nothing whatsoever in avoiding the season cut.

Savoy’s last six games has yielded 21 goals, one draw result and the locals have found the net just six times ...

In last Saturday’s rescheduled fixture where only team passion and responsibility remained on the line for the Green and Whites it perhaps was best to get this season over and done with once and for all.

On Saturday the Matthew Black led Savoy team again played a noticeably undermanned combination that in reality displayed the Green and White’s lingering commitment and its intentions on the contest.

Savoy’s Stefan Barletta scored at the 30th minute to stop three straight Munno Para goals, but with the visitors being without Domenic Keain, Jesse Catalano and Dylan Adams and with team morale at an all time low Savoy conceded another goal to the home team for a 1-4 halftime score.      

And another two goals in the second half saw Munno Para defeat Savoy 6-1 in the final season game that unfortunately was forced to be stopped ten minutes shy of full time when young Savoy player Jayden Gonzalez was injured and the ambulance called to Uley Reserve.


Savoy: M.Dimou, R.Gillet, S.Barletta.


Savoy:  S.Barletta.


The Savoy Reserves set the scene for the Uley Reserve games last Saturday when they trailed 0-3 at halftime before going to lose 0-6 in a game of soccer the Green and Whites provided very little competition for Munno Para.

Nevertheless Savoy finished its season in seventh place and there were times during the competition that the locals played some impressive soccer, but last Saturday the visitors started the game with a much weakened starting eleven and were never a chance.

And not helping the cause, Savoy played with ten players for most of the game.