Avengers lose to Thunderbolts

Vy Nguyen playing for the Defenders.

Vy Nguyen playing for the Defenders.

Throughout Season 2017-2018 the Avengers maintained their lead and then held level pegging position along with the Titans and Defenders on 20 points.

They finally came unstuck this week though when bottom-placed Thunderbolts knocked them off their perch albeit by just one point.

It was Russell Goode and Brian Kee of the Thunderbolts who dished out the first wakeup call when they trounced Greg Fidge and Santhosh with a perfect score and by a margin of 6 points in both games.

After the second round the Thunderbolts widened this gap even further when Kenton Franks and Sam Pillay overcame the best laid plans put forward by Tres Ladra and Cameron Williams.

Sam and Kenton demonstrated that slow and steady quite often wins the race.

They too had the 42 points in the bag.

Santhosh and Tres Ladra of the Avengers were determined to redress the position that their team now found themselves in.

This they did in fine style with an impressive counteroffensive of 42:31.

The Thunderbolts were still in the lead though by 17 points.

Following the first round of the composite doubles it seemed as though the Avengers had neutralised the situation with an 11 point lead to be going on with.

Their optimistic view was short-lived however because the Thunderbolts conceded only 7 points.

When the two teams lined up for the playoff in the 6th round it could have been anybody’s game.

The Thunderbolts held the upper hand with 14 points up their sleeve.

The Thunderbolts had the win in their sights; this would allow them to achieve the most ironic of outcomes for their season.

As the wooden-spooners they could knock the top team off as their last hurrah for season 2017.

They needed to prevent the Avengers from scoring more than 552 to secure victory.

It was a close shave but they managed it even though the Avengers dropped just 3 points.

The Thunderbolts pulled off the coup of the season by winning the Match by a point and thereby demoting the Avengers to second spot on the leader board!


The Defenders are now leading the pack as the pointy end of the season approaches.

They consolidated this position on Wednesday night when they completely overwhelmed their arch rivals; the Titans.

At the midway point of the match the Titans were trailing by a whopping 46 points following a perfect round by the inexorable Defenders.

It was in the first round of the composite doubles that the Titans bought themselves some breathing space winning by 25 massive points.

The margin had now been narrowed to a manageable 18 points.

This was but a fleeting reprieve though because the Defenders retaliated in the fifth round with a vengeance, grabbing back every single one of the 25 points that the Titans had fought so hard for in the previous round.

So the Titans were back to square one with huge 43 point discrepancy before them as they fronted up for the final round of the match.

They needed to prevent the Defenders from scoring any more than 535 points in order to draw even.

This they failed to do but Adam Nguyen and Paula Meyers fought bravely on in spite of the dire situation that the Titans found themselves in.

These two dug deep, outperforming their counterparts Carol Spinks and Rosie Arnold by 10 points.

DEFENDERS 568 defeated TITANS 504