Darwin to Pirie: the new chapter in Piper’s book

I have never been able to call a particular town or city home.

Born in the Light area and having lived in Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Tasmania and now Port Pirie, my short 21-year life has seen some sites.

The adventures that my family led me on, consequently led me to finding my passion for words and curiosity for the happenings of the world around me.

Each day, as the earth rotates the sun there is always news, something is always happening – there is always a story to be told.

I discovered that each time I moved, I had a new story to tell.

My dad would even resonate it with a book; for each move is simply a new chapter in our own book, we don’t decide what is written but we do get to tell the story.

As I grew older, I began to record all my stories.

Journals upon journals, full of adventures from the vivid windy roads of the English Lake District, to a two-month exchange in Germany, all the way back to a missionary in a rural East Timorese village.  

What my eyes could see, is what my hands would write.

My passion flowed into my schooling and tertiary studies, having a knack for English and interest for the world led me to my Bachelor of Journalism and International Relations.

The time I have spent studying in the city of churches, led me to more exploration of our vast state.

Finding comfort in the surf of Goolwa beach and among the sheep on the Eyre Peninsula, I hope to as well find that here in the Upper Spencer Gulf. 

The Port Pirie Recorder is the next chapter in my book and another story for me to tell. 

Yet I am excited Port Pirie, to not only tell you stories – but to tell your stories.

- Piper Denholm, journalist, The Recorder