Ridge, Sard claim the day

LORNA'S BACK: Lorna Langston returned to the course after being off for some time with a foot operation. She is pictured driving on the fifth.

LORNA'S BACK: Lorna Langston returned to the course after being off for some time with a foot operation. She is pictured driving on the fifth.

If playing golf, it helps to have your equipment at your side, with you. I mean, would Usain Bolt go to athletics without his running shoes and Vanessa Williams rock up to the tennis without her tennis racquet? No, probably not.

So when Tony Ridge stood waving his wife goodbye last week, as she went out on her errands, the only thing on his mind was when his mate was going to pick him up to venture off to Port Germein to play in the Farmer’s Day competition.

Until – he realized that his clubs had been in the car that wife had driven off in. Oh no. Wife was not contactable.

That was a good start to the day. Ridge begged, borrowed and probably didn’t steal anyone’s clubs, but what could have been a half decent day, turned out to be one of disaster.

So, just as well that playing in a Canadian Foursomes on Saturday, and partnering Russell Sard, Ridge was sure that the clubs were firmly packed with him.

Finishing one under on the front nine, including two birdies, they must have known that their partnership was in with a chance.

The tenth had seen them putt for another birdie, as did thirteen and seventeen, giving them two under on the back nine.

Returning to the clubhouse, the two were fairly confident that it would take a bit to beat them.

And despite their confidence, Wally Zilm and Ken Bessen were almost close enough to burst their bubble – but, not quite close enough.

Finishing their eighteen holes, the pair had completed the competition on a sixty four. However, Zilm and Bessen did not miss out on winning anything in the Westpac sponsored day, as they had won the Best Handicap for the day.

Zilm and Bessen also went on to win the NTP on fourteen and would need to split the Pot of Gold between them.  

Winners of the day, Ridge and Sard had also had a win for NTP, on nine.

The pair had played magnificently. Apart from Port Germein, Ridge has been on a run.

At the SA Northern Veteran’s Association Day, played in Port Pirie last week, he finished in second place.

With the finals of the Club Championships close by t will be interesting to see who will be the Club Champion.

The partnership of Reece Fowler and Tyler Thorpe turned out to be a successful one also. Although their score finished at sixty six point four, missing out on first place but picking up on the Nearest the Pin list at five and the Long Drive for  B Grade.

I am not sure about young Fowler, shorts on a day like that –really ? But never doubt the power of that drive.

I would have thought that the combination of Andrew Smith and Phil Bickley may have been a winning one, but, alas, I was wrong.

Shooting a sixty eight point eight, they also had better luck in picking up prizes in the other sections. Nearest the Pin on ten went to this pair as did the Long Drive in A Grade.

And wasn’t it grand to see Nearest The Pin on sixteen go to Donny Dietman and Max Bickley.

Sixteen is one of the hardest holes on the course and they would have been happy to have parred this hole. Nice to see the older chaps getting a look in.

The corner of The Terrace and Kingston Road is a bit of a mess at the moment.

For those not in the know, twenty nine trees are being removed to be replaced by a dam. Hopefully this will enable the course to have water supply in the future.

It is very sad to see such beautiful gum and pine trees being removed and I guess we all feel the same.

However, in the quest to have a decent water supply, and in the name of progress, such things have to happen.

Most of us hate change. However, the ability to adapt to change and realize that if you are good enough you will succeed with the change and if you are not good enough – you will grumble. How like life is that?

Anyway, until next week. Happy golfing!