Avengers in winning form

Kenton Franks and Santhosh Vellaiah-Retnaswamy in action at badminton.

Kenton Franks and Santhosh Vellaiah-Retnaswamy in action at badminton.

In week 14 it was the Thunderbolt’s task to take on the Avengers who continue to dominate the leaderboard this season.

They began bravely, holding their own in the first two rounds.

They won the first by two points; staving the Avengers off to draw even after the second.

Both sides had recorded 151 points heading into the third round.  

The Avengers snatched a perfect round in the third round grabbing a good foothold on the match from this point forward.

Tres Ladra was in his element on Wednesday night, achieving the elusive perfect score of 252.

He dictated the flow of play in all of the games he participated in, overwhelming his unfortunate opponents at every opportunity.

The composite doubles line up contributed to the Thunderbolts loosening grip on proceedings even though the Thunderbolts jagged perfect scores in the first two line ups.

The Thunderbolts appreciated the welcome boost that guest player Karen Flood afforded their cause.

It was not until Andrew Williams and Russell Goode fronted Paul Berry and Neville Flood that things went awry for them.

The cumulative effect of the slide into the abyss resulted in the Thunderbolts trailing by 45 points heading into the final and crucial sixth round of the match.  

The Tres factor impacted once more in the first game of the last round, he and Wade were merciless when they only allowed their Thunderbolts opponents to score 29 points in total.

Santhosh and Batool showed no mercy either; whipping their opposition by a massive 24 points.  

Russell Goode and Kenton Franks fronted Avengers pair Neville Flood and Naomi Kilsby surprising both themselves and the Avengers, winning the first game 21:15.

The Avengers changed ends with a quest to finish off proceedings in their own favour; they neutralised the situation with a 21:10 win to close out the match once and for all.  


The match between the Titans and the Defenders was a more evenly contested competition.

This situation was not evident until after the first round.

The Titans came out all guns blazing forging ahead with a 20 point lead.

The Defenders made short work of this advantage (with the aid of the guest player Karen Flood) and in no time at all the discrepancy was merely 1 point in the Defenders favour.

The Defenders fought back with a perfect score of 84 points.

Meng Toh and Paul Berry were up against it when Karen Flood boosted the skill level of the Defenders line up to swing a twenty point advantage, this time in the Defender’s favour.  

After the fifth round the two sides were locked neck and neck with that elusive point separating the two sides once more.

The Defenders were in front by a bee’s whisker.  

The line up between Gary Holthouse and Brian Kee of the Defenders and Capel Bruker and Santhosh was akin to the clash of the Titans.

Capel and Santhosh wore their hearts on their sleeves while Gary and Brian played it cool.

It was a case of passion plays off against aggression.

Aggression won the day with The Defender’s duo winning 21:19 in both games.  

The Defenders side just managed to keep the Titans at bay.

Karen Flood and Gary Holthouse put Capel Bruker and Meng Toh in their place with an 11 point win.

At the same time Andrew Williams and ‘Killer Bryll Baeleen’, pipped Paul Berry and Cheng  at the post by just 3 points.  

DEFENDERS 548 defeated TITANS 543