Avengers sitting pretty on ladder

BADMINTON: Cheng Toh is pictured in action.

BADMINTON: Cheng Toh is pictured in action.


Avengers 14 (4483) 

Titans on 10 (4433)

Defenders 10 (4309)

Heroes 4 (4201)

Thunderbolts 2 (4200)


At the halfway point of the badminton season the Avengers are sitting pretty at the head of the leader board on 14 (4483), followed by the Titans on 10 (4433) The Defenders are also on 10 (4309) points.

The Heroes are on 4 points (4201) and bringing up the rear are the Thunderbolts on 2 points (4200).

The Titans demonstrated to the Heroes just why it is that they are sitting at second place on the premiership table and the Heroes are fourth.

After the second round the Titans were already way out in front by 46 points.

Cheng Tin and Adam Nguyen doubled their Heroes opposition score 42:21 and Meng Toh and Paula Myers also gave their opponents what for allowing them just 29 points to their total of 42.  

It was in the composite doubles rounds that the Heroes were able to regain some composure.

The Heroes won both of these rounds by twenty four points overall.

The gap had been narrowed to a manageable 17 points heading into the sixth round.  

It was Nate T and Joshua Bradley that led the way for the Heroes in this last round with a very emphatic win over their Titans counterparts Capel Bruker and Meng Toh.

Nate T was firing on all cylinders on Wednesday night and his partner Joshua Bradley always puts his all into the game.

They came out the victors with a perfect 42 point score and a 16 point advantage.  

The Titans finished off proceedings in unequivocal fashion.

At the close of play the Titans were in front by 24 points.  

TITANS 556 defeated the HEROES 532

The Match between last placed Thunderbolts and second placed Defenders was a one sided event from start to finish.

The Defenders were on a winner from the first round to the last.

The closest that the Thunderbolts got was in the fifth composite doubles round when the discrepancy was only 17 points.  

Russell Goode and newcomer Brett Reid of the Thunderbolts launched a counter attack when they resoundingly defeated Andrew Williams and Bryll Baeleen of the Defenders in the final bout of the night.

Andrew and Bryll were smarting at the change of ends after the dynamic Thunderbolts duo surprised them with some very well executed shuttles placed strategically out of reach.

Russell and Brett had put their thinking caps on and managed to outsmart the self –assured Defenders duo who were smug in the knowledge that they already had the match in the bag.

The Defenders realised that they need to lift their game in the second to avoid the Thunderbolts pair retaining the upper hand.

This second game was a fine fanfare for both sides.

All four players dug deep to make the most of every opportunity.

Russell and Brett kept the Defenders at bay and jagged a perfect score of 42 for the last games of an otherwise very humiliating outing for the Thunderbolts.  

DEFENDERS 605 defeated the THUNDERBOLTS 464