David claims perfect score

David Martin, pictured, and Carol Spinks showed no mercy against Robyn Holthouse and Paul Swan.
David Martin, pictured, and Carol Spinks showed no mercy against Robyn Holthouse and Paul Swan.

Having had the bye the previous week the Heroes appeared to have a bit of trouble getting back into the game.

After the first round they were already down by 26 points.

It did not help matters when the Defenders top scored in the second, widening the gap to 43 points.  

Nate T and Robyn Holthouse, playing for the Heroes were fortunate enough to be able to ruffle the Defender’s feathers in the first game of the next round.

The Heroes pair was mighty chuffed to have come from behind to take the first game 20:21.

They then capitalised on the Defenders lack of cohesion in the second to take that game 21:16.

After the first round of the composite doubles the Heroes were well and truly up against it.

The Defenders added another 20 points to their tally.

It was in the second round of the composite doubles that the Heroes were able to regain some composure; they actually won this round by two points.

The hard cold facts of the matter remained however, they were 57 points underdone going into the last round of the match.  

David Martin and Carol Spinks of the Defenders showed no mercy whatsoever when they played Robyn Holthouse and Paul Swan of the Heroes.

After it was over the Heroes pair had won a mere 12 points as opposed to the 42 that the Defenders took back to the score board.

David had a dream run on Wednesday night, with a perfect score of 168.  

DEFENDERS 581 defeated HEROES 503

It was the clash of the Titans and the Avengers in the 10th round of the season on Wednesday night.

The Avengers started out slowly and were actually 10 points down going into the third round of proceedings.

It was at this stage of the match that Santhosh and Tres of the Avengers decided that it was time to even up the scores.

Capel Bruker and Adam Nguyen put up a brave fight but went down by 7 points.

Tres is the master of the tricky net shot while Santhosh never, ever gives up.

Neville Flood and Batool, top team contestants for the Avengers continued on in this vein, belting Paul Berry and Meng Toh to the tune of 25 points.  

The Avengers had exacted retribution and were sitting pretty on a 22 point advantage going into the composite doubles rounds.  

Following the first of the composite doubles rounds the Avengers cemented their position with a further 20 point advantage.  

The Titans replicated the face saving efforts of the Heroes in that they too were able to hold the Avengers at bay in the second round of the composite doubles by actually winning this round by 1 point. 109:108

The onslaught continued in the sixth round. Capel Bruker and Meng Toh were the only victors playing for the Titans in this last round.

Capel and Meng showed Santhosh and Batool that they were not going to let them have it all their own way.

The Titans two-some were elated at the change of ends having won the first game 21:12.  

The Avengers pair retaliated though and won the second by 4 points.  

AVENGERS 572 defeated TITANS 512