Titans too powerful for Thunderbolts

The Thunderbolts faced an inimitable foe when they fronted the Titans.

After the first round they were already down by 23.

Paul Berry and Capel Bruker ran roughshod over the Thunderbolt’s number one and two players.  

Things then went from bad to worse when the Titans only dropped one point in the second round.

The Composite doubles rounds afforded the Thunderbolts team an opportunity to save some face.

Eunice Smith and Rosie Arnold fought the good fight and came up with a two point win over Paula Myers and David Martin.

Russell Goode and Greg Fidge, playing in the number ones composite double playoff combined exceptionally well to prove a point.

The Thunderbolts added 42  to  their  scoreboard giving them a much needed boost.  

When the players took to the court for the final round of the night the Titans were sitting pretty with a hefty lead of 61 points.

Even though the Titans then proceeded to consolidate their win the Thunderbolts had the last say.

Russell Goode and Kenton Franks  won  the  last  encounter  of  the  night  against  Paul   Berry   and   Cheng   Toh.

They won both games, taking 14 more points to add to their bottom line.

TITANS 577 defeated THUNDERBOLTS 490

The contest between the Avengers and the Heroes was in the beginning more evenly matched affair.

After the first two rounds the Avengers were leading by a mere eight points.  

It was in the third round that things came unstuck for the Heroes.

The Avengers streaked ahead to lead by 26 points.

Santhosh was accompanied by ‘Tricky Tres’ Ladra who had an answer for any counter measures that Nate T or Robyn Holthouse could come up with.

Nate T and Robyn managed  to  get  16  points  in each game with the Avengers scoring 21  on  both  occasions.  

After the composite doubles rounds the Heroes had scraped their way back into contention.

Tres Ladra and his offsider David Martin, playing for the Avengers put paid to any notion that the Heroes pair Robyn Holthouse and Rosie Arnold might have had of making some kind of comeback.

Tres was still fresh as a daisy at the end of the night and David Martin proved to be a worthy partner.

“Santhosh was accompanied by ‘Tricky Tres’ Ladra who had an answer for any counter measures that Nate T or Robyn Holthouse could come up with.”

The erstwhile Heroes pair left the court with only 23 points to add to the Heroes score-sheet.

Santhosh and Batool didn’t have it all their own way when they did battle against Nate T and Joshua Bradley.

Santhosh and Batool won the first game by three points and were no doubt feeling a little smug at the change of ends.

Surprisingly Nate T and Joshua  streaked  ahead  from  the  first   serve   of   the   shuttle.

Santhosh and Batool broke back successfully.

The Heroes had a couple of points handed to them due to unforced errors and so they were the only combination to win games for the Heroes in the last round of the match.

They won by just two points.  39 to 37.

AVENGERS 569 defeated HEROES 529