Sismey claims the day

COURSE ACTION: Roger Huxtable chips onto the 18th green.

COURSE ACTION: Roger Huxtable chips onto the 18th green.

Did I happen to say last week, last card in was the winner. Well, deja vu, same, same this week. John Penny headed up the clubhouse leaderboard from the time he put his card in, right up ‘til the last card.

Penny, who hadn’t played since before Christmas, finished with eleven pars and a birdie on fourteen. He completed his eighteen holes on a seventy six off the stick, a sixty six net.

Not too bad for not touching the clubs in four to five months. And we all know why. He did have his name on Nearest the Pin on Fourteen, however Tony Ridge stole that one away from him. And for a second in time, he had his name on Long Drive in A Grade, until Andrew Chivell snapped that one away from him also.

However, Penny is now on single handicap figures, the first time ever. But losing the winner’s seat, replaced on the throne by Gavin Sismey was just too much. But who, apart from Penny, could deny Sismey the win. Sismey plays off a handicap of eight and during his round he had collected fourteen pars and a birdie on three. Seventy three off the stick, sixty five net. What a round, which took him off to win the Pirie Bottle & Scrap Trophy Day, kindly donated by Malcolm & Jayson Meyers.

The rest of the A Grade Ball Winners had been Tony Ridge who had scored a sixty six, Ralph Johnson, sixty seven and Trevor Spillman, sixty eight.

Slipping from B Grade and straight into A Grade, maybe to his horror, was Bob Riding. Playing off a handicap of thirteen on Saturday, his spectacular round has now seen him somewhere around twelve and now playing against the big boys. Well done, Bob. Riding is an unassuming player. He just goes out and plays the game – although last week I believe he wasn’t ever playing again. But that’s golf and once it has you, it’s really got you.

He also claimed the NTP on sixteen. Hot on his tail had been ‘ Mooka’ Rontaunay with sixty eight and Jose Gonsalves racked up a score of sixty nine.

But wait for this, C Grader Wally Zilm, scored a sixty four net. You are kidding me! Eighty five off the stick and a sixty four net! I bet his handicap will move along nicely this week. Zilm is a surprising player, one who sort of sneaks into the winner’s shoes, without you even noticing him. Maybe it was he who was the unassuming one amongst the swag of players on the Course. And it was a swag of players. The course is in great condition after the rains a month ago although it would be nice to have a little more sooner than later.

There will always be the ones who grumble that we don’t have a course like Kooyonga, but you know what, you play the course as you find it and going by the scores again, those scrapes couldn’t have been that bad. And you know the old saying, not happy about it, come out and give a hand to make it better.

It’s like voting. If you don’t vote in an election, you really have no right to grumble about the way the country is run.

Phil Harvey had a good round also, sixty five net, who would complain about that. Then there was a gap to Dino Tattoli and Tyler Thorpe on seventy one apiece and Adam Rontaunay on seventy two.

Rob Cousins, although not quite in the Ball Winner’s list scored his best card yet and is improving all the time. It is good to see players returning to the Course after a break and even if not yet playing, then practicing.

Warren Johns is seen out and about at times, hopefully we will see him in competition before long. Dino Tattoli had a mighty hit to claim Long Drive C Grade with Jose Gonsalves taking out B Grade.

It was a good round of golf, the Pot of Golf going to Tony Ridge, after he had knocked John Penny out.

Next week’s comp is the Steve Funke Electrical Trophy, a stroke round. The weather forecast is a little bleaker I think, but we need it, so we won’t complain.

The Lady golfers, Erica Johnson and Paula Sard ventured to Wilmington last week for their Open Day. They ended the day as Runners Up with a very respectable 83 and Paula won the A Grade Long Drive.

On the Wednesday, Deb Lynch took out the day with 69 net and runner –up Paula Sard, seventy three.

The Monthly Medal went to Carol Paterson.

Until next week, happy golfing!