Avengers off to winning start to season

The Avengers took to the court for their first outing of the season when they fronted the already blooded Defenders  on  Wednesday  night.

The first games of the night ended in a stand-off when Neville Flood and Santhosh won the first game 21:13 only to have the Defenders duo Andrew Williams and Gary Holthouse turn the tables to even the score with a win of 21:13 of their own.

Bryll Baeleen and Rosie Arnold proved to be too strong for Cameron Williams and Lucia Smith in the second bout of round one handing the Defenders a 22 point advantage heading into the second.

Cameron Williams made amends big time when he and Tres Ladra showed the Defenders just what can be achieved when a doubles duo are both attuned to achieve a positive outcome.

Bryll and Carol were unable to formulate a plan to counter the trouncing from the other end.

While Batool and Lucia were outgunned by the vim and vigour of the Defenders’ Michael Cruz and Rosie Arnold; they did not lose face taking 32 out of a possible 42 back to the score board.

In round three the Avengers reversed the fortunes of the Defenders.

Santhosh and Tres gave Gary Holthouse and Carol Spinks what for in their first game defeating them 21:14.

Gary and Carol settled and only losing the second 21: 20.

Andrew Williams and Michael Cruz had no answers for the onslaught being dished out to them by Neville Flood and Batool Aziz.

This pair triumphantly added another 42 to their score completing a perfect round for the Avengers.

To break even the Defenders needed to keep the Avengers from scoring more than 93 points in the last round.

Neville Flood and Cameron Williams put paid to any notion of redemption on the part of the Defenders when they scored 42 to Andrew Williams and Bryll Baeleen’s score of 30.

AVENGERS 545 defeated DEFENDERS 516

The Thunderbolts started out bravely and had the upper hand after the first round albeit only to the tune of 8 points.  

The Heroes grabbed those 8 points back in the second to then lead by 8 points.

In round three, the first of the composite doubles games, both teams were almost even-stevens, with the Thunderbolts on 110 and the Heroes on 112.

The Thunderbolts had managed to keep the Heroes winning margin to less than 30.

It was in the fifth round that the Heroes dug deep to build upon their point cache taking 43 points advantage into the sixth round.  

It was at this juncture that the Heroes did the real damage.

The Thunderbolts had needed to keep the Heroes from scoring any more than 34 points in all three games of the last round in order to get within cooee of winning.

This was an impossible task.

The Thunderbolts battled bravely on but in spite of their best efforts they were forced to eat humble pie.

HEROES 582 defeated THUNDERBOLTS 519