Cretan tops winners list

SPOTTED ON THE COURSE: Max Bickley watches as Phil Harvey putted in recently.

SPOTTED ON THE COURSE: Max Bickley watches as Phil Harvey putted in recently.

The smell of barbecue sausages and onions filled the clubhouse. Turnbull wasn’t there to say, no thank you, I don’t feel like one right now.

No, there was none of that.

They were wrapped up in a piece of bread and disappeared in a flash.

The only thing missing was a nice drop of port to wash it all down - well not really, but it fits the story line. But anyway, back to the port.

There had been a nice drop of port sitting on the bar, a nice boxed bottle of grandfather port, but last time I had seen the box it was in the arms of David Cretan.

He had been hugging that bottle to his chest and not sharing with anyone.

And to add to that he had a voucher to Sporty’s, geez.

But when you can shoot a seventy one off the stick, well, you certainly deserve such a treat.

And then when you think that playing off a handicap of six, bringing his handicap score back to sixty five, well, yes, he did deserve to walk away with the Handicap prize of the day also.

Cretan, played with ten pars and four birdies to complete a successful day of golfing, leaving the rest of the field in his dust.

The first one sticking his head through the dust had been Trevor Spillman.  

Spillman finished with seventy eight shots of the stick and with his handicap of eleven, this had brought him back to sixty seven.

He finished the front nine just two over par but let the back nine get away from him a little, with five over. Including Spillman, there had been congestion on the score card for the next eight players.

Leon Sampson had led the charge with the remaining players with a sixty eight.

A fairly reasonable game had got him up in the Ball Winners list, finishing a short head in front of Russell Sard and Grant Norton, both on sixty eight.

Sard and Norton play off handicaps of seven and eight respectively.

Phil Bickley, winner of the opening round this year, was right on their coat tails.

Bickley finishes his game and walks out of the clubhouse, before I can ask, he tells me” Not today Sue, shocking round”. Fibber.

Not only did he have a respectable round, he also hit a beauty to grab Nearest the Pin on Number Nine Another great shot to take a nice voucher home to take the wife out for dinner, was his when he grabbed Long Drive for A Grade.

And then came Brown’s cows, all in a line.

Mr Malcolm Meyers, Tony Ridge, Andrew Smith and Wally Zilm, all finishing on seventy one.

Tony Ridge and Wally Zilm added to their haul with a few more balls to add to their collection.

Doug Parr, back playing, his first season in a while, and doing rather well, he finished with a Nearest the Pin on sixteen.

Lachie Turner, another one who hasn’t played for a bit, bit one who always had a strong drive, hit his way to take out the Long Drive in B Grade.

Vance Remphrey, another one known for his strong, long drive, grabbed the Long Drive in C Grade.

Nice to see Brian Siviour back on the course also. With a Count/Out last week, things are looking good.

And Jack, we love having you back, you just gotta get out of bed a wee bit earlier next week.

Not that it would have mattered that much – it would appear that the Octogenarians only played nine holes.

When John went to do the cards, none from the old chaps.

I am sure they will all be back in force next week, especially on Thursday.

A couple of new comps underway. “Bushrangers Thursday’ will start this week.

A few dollars for the winner, a few dollars for the club.

And then on Saturdays, a “Pot of Gold” competition will begin.

This is an interesting concept for shooting a NTP on Number Sixteen.

So come along and have a hit in the new, exciting competitions on offer.

I have gone back through some older photos this week, to find the photo of the week.

I have broken my camera.

One Friday night, leaving the club, I dropped a heap of stuff in the dark.

I ran over my glasses.

Insurance lady says send me photo of crushed glasses, that’s when I discovered my camera also was broken.

I have felt like my right arm was broken.

Until next week, happy golfing!