Winter season set to open

Phil Bickley putts on No 18 recently.

Phil Bickley putts on No 18 recently.

Why is it always the same?

Some weeks you have nothing on and then whammy, it hits you all at once. 

While we like to be busy, sometimes it is just crazy.

Look at what is happening at the moment. 

Last Monday evening we had our monthly meeting.

We had quite a bit to get through and as Club Secretary, I need to take the minutes, type them up and distribute.

Tuesday morning was the Ladies’ monthly meeting.

As our Ladies’ secretary is on the sick list, I popped into her seat to do the same.

Wednesday night we hosted a meeting with the BH Club. The same again.

So then, thinking that Friday was St Pats Day, I decided that we run with the Green theme with the Friday Night Teas.

Crazy me. 

But it was a great night, with specials on Irish drinks and an extra raffle for a bottle of Baileys.

It was lovely that a lady who just loves her Baileys won it.

And now there has been two days of getting out the Annual Memberships.

Whoops, need to find a space to do my write up.

Whoever thinks the Golf Club has gobbled me right up, would be right.

And there is hubby as equally as tied up.

But we are just a taste of the people that went before us and hopefully those that are yet to come and those who are equally working hard within our club to make it the best we can.

And that is all we can ask.

I’m not much of a golfer but I can give my bit in other ways.

However, I did make some time to spend with my Dad and chat about Snippet.

Snippet was the first pacer he had ever bought.

The first of many, I might add, and I am helping him sort out his scrapbook on all her write-ups.

We sat remembering, reading the headlines that The Recorder had splashed all over its pages.

“Pirie’s Glamour Horse”.

How the public had loved the little mare from Warnertown.

With twenty wins under her belt at Phoenix Park, she was a little champion

But back to golf. 

And I don’t think I will ever be writing 41 points on my scorecard too soon, as Phil Harvey did last Saturday.

The course was open to eighteen holes for the first time this season.

Phil, playing off a handicap of twenty three, was a bit slow on the first nine, scoring nineteen, with three pars.

However, the back nine seen Harvey pick up twenty two points.

It was a close call for the Handicapper though with Andrew Smith and Matt Kennedy also finishing the eighteen holes with forty one points.

Smith plays off a handicap of six and Kennedy plays off fifteen.

Smith played a great front nine with three pars and three birdies, giving him twenty one points.

On the back nine he scored five pars and a birdie. I would be happy with that.

And looking at Matt Kennedy’s card, his front nine was very respectable with seven pars.

Kennedy’s back nine was where his game had let him down, with just seventeen points.

But I can imagine that the heat of the day had got to quite a few on the back nine. 

Serge Harmer wasn’t too far away with thirty nine points, as was Max Bickley.

This past summer must have seen Bickley playing better than he had for some time, which is great to see.

Bob Riding and Jose Gonsalves joined together to bring home a score of thirty eight points each.

Whereas Riding is an early morning player, I happened to see Gonsalves out in the midday sun.

What is it they say? 

And playing with Gonsalves was Ralph Johnson.

While Johnson may not have been the hero of the day, he showed his strength in other ways.

He cleaned up on the Nearest The Pins, both No. nine and No. fourteen and then really flexed his muscles to take out the Long drive of the day.

Only just over a week to the opening of the Winter Season.

The programme is out and the Season is filled with great sponsored days all throughout.

The Men’s Open Day is the first of April while the women tee off on the following Wednesday, the fifth.

With the course now dry after the hot spells we have had, at least there is cover on the fairways, enough to give some good bounce and run.

An exciting year ahead for the Port Pirie Golf Club, why not be part of it.

Come See Change, they say, and change it is.


Until next week, happy golfing!