Mid North students gear up for India mission

EXCITEMENT: John Pirie Secondary School students Imogen Price and Ethan Nitz read their India trip itinerary.
EXCITEMENT: John Pirie Secondary School students Imogen Price and Ethan Nitz read their India trip itinerary.

The bustling streets and vibrant communities of Rajasthan in northern India will greet 14 Mid North students eager to make a difference both locally and internationally.

The group of students will travel to the city of Udaipur in September as a part of the We to Me mission trip organised by John Pirie Secondary School teacher Tara Baron

The group comprises of seven students from each school with three teachers set to accompany the group as they engage with communities to help build educational facilities while also undertaking leadership and cultural education tasks.

For John Pirie Secondary School year 10 student Ethan Nitz, the chance to go to India was too good to pass up.

"It's a massive opportunity,” Ethan said.

“It is one thing many don't do in their entire life and to be able to do it before I even leave school is tremendous.

"I cant wait to learn about all the different food, the hospitality, different religions and ways of life."

For Tara Baron, her visit to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Remembrance Museum and Syrian boarder in 2015 inspired her to instill a sense of social justice in the regions’ youth.

"It highlighted to me that people don't have it the way we have it,” Tara said.

“It is really important for our students, especially in a small community … that they are able to have the opportunity to travel when it presents itself through school.” 

Tara called upon local businesses and charity organisations to help sponsor students to assist in covering their expenses – a decision which she believed would positively shape local the local Mid North community well into the future.

​“Students are coming back into our community knowing so much more about the world ... they can help more students, can participate in the community and become well-rounded citizens both locally and globally.

“For our students to come back with an enlightened view of our community and how lucky we have it and what they can do to make the community better … are the main goals”.

Community groups or members interested in financially assisting the students can contact Tara at John Pirie Secondary School on 08 8632 0400.


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