Port Pirie police: Watch out for thieves targeting items in cars

Police are warning residents that a number of vehicles have been broken into in the Port Pirie area over the last week.

Property has been stolen from vehicles and police remind all owners to lock up and remove all valuables from their vehicles when they park.

If your vehicle has been broken into, please report it to police on 131 444. If at all possible, please do not touch or move the vehicle or any items left behind by offenders, to help prevent contamination of any evidence.

To reduce the chances of your vehicle being broken in to, please consider the following security tips:

  • Lock your vehicle doors and close windows every time you leave your vehicle - even if you're parking on your own driveway, or even if you're just popping into a shop quickly.
  • Install an alarm or immobiliser.
  • Park off the road and if possible in a locked garage.
  • At night, if you have to park on the street, park your car in a well-lit area.
  • Do not hide spare keys inside or near your vehicle: thieves know where to look.
  • Remove valuables such as wallets, bags, GPS devices, mobile phones, laptops, fishing rods and cameras from vehicles. If you can’t remove them, conceal them in your locked boot.